Criminal Justice Associate

Looking to get a little more out of your degree? The Criminal Justice associate program is designed to give you the skills needed to make a difference in law enforcement.

What You'll Study

Our Criminal Justice associate degree is designed to prepare you for a career in municipal, state and private police agencies, as well as local, state, private and federal correctional facilities. The program acts as a stepping stone for the bachelor's degree, where you can continue to build on your skills.

With three tracks to choose from, you will have the opportunity to personalize your degree to match your career goals. Each track offers a unique experience to gain knowledge and training in the criminal justice field. Choose from the Corrections, Law Enforcement or Loss Prevention/Asset Prevention tracks. Each offers core knowledge in criminal justice and allows you to specialize in the area you're most interested in.


For the Criminal Justice associate program, you will take the general education required courses before moving into criminal justice classes through the following tracks:

  • Corrections Track

    This track prepares you for work in the correctional field as a probation officer, correctional case worker, parole officer or correctional guard. You'll select courses to complete 12 semester hours, giving you the opportunity to personalize your study path.

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  • Law Enforcement Track

    The Law Enforcement track is designed to prepare you for a career as a police officer or state highway patrol officer. You can choose your courses to complete the required 12 semester hours.

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  • Loss Prevention / Asset Protection Track

    With this track, you will be trained for a career in establishing policies, procedures and best practices to prevent the loss of inventory and finances in a business setting. Choose a combination of courses to fulfill the required 12 semester hours.

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