Women's and Gender Studies Minor

Are you passionate about issues that disproportionately affect women in a negative way in our society and around the world? If you want to add expertise to your degree and expand your social consciousness, consider our minor in Women's and Gender Studies.

What You'll Study

With the Women's and Gender Studies minor, you'll spend time exploring issues of relationships, double standards, women’s health care, discrimination, abortion, maternity, sexual issues and orientation, and a variety of others that affect women worldwide.

Women's studies are interdisciplinary, having arisen in the U.S. concurrently with the political and societal changes championed by the “second wave” women’s movement of the 1960s-70s. “The personal is political,” a slogan coined in the movement's early days, corresponds to the goals of general education—to help students grow beyond individual concerns into empowered citizens.

Complementing majors in psychology, sociology, social work, English and history, the minor prepares you for a career in women’s health centers, counseling, rape crisis centers, domestic violence shelters, non-profit organizations and social work.


  • Women's and Gender Studies Minor

    Following a required introductory course, you will select from a variety courses focused on gender issues offered in the women's studies, English, philosophy, sociology, history, criminal justice, communication and religious studies disciplines to complete the remaining 15 credits required for the minor.

    And if you'd like to focus solely on this topic for your studies, you may choose to major exclusively in Women’s Studies through the Individual Curriculum Program.

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