Teacher Education MSED

The Teacher Education MSED programs provide advanced professional preparation for teachers, administrators, and school guidance counselors.

What You'll Study

The belief that all children can learn, regardless of their differences, is essential to the development of committed practitioners. In the Teacher Education MSEd program, you'll focus on developing professionally as committed practitioner so you can one day apply the current state of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a teacher, administrator or school guidance counselor.

In the Teacher Education MSEd programs, you'll complete a common core of courses, common core option courses, and specialty program area requirements. All students in the Teacher Education MSEd programs are required to complete an e-Portfolio.

Our Department of Teacher Education’s mission is to empower teachers for professional practice. Our faculty members are committed to educate students in values and ideas that motivate educators for the transformation of students and educational institutions.

Teacher Education MSEd Programs

All students pursuing the Teacher Education master’s programs take core requirements in teacher education in order to gain a better of understanding of the field and prepare for a professional career. 

  • Curriculum & Instruction — Literacy Program, Online 

    The Curriculum & Instruction program at YSU will teach you the most current and best theories, research, and classroom strategies to help your students develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. The program steeps you in the critical concepts and principles of literacy, helping you build an arsenal of practices that you can customize to the learning needs of all P-12 students. Courses focus on data literacy, research methodologies, data analysis and evidence, collaborative activities, technology applications, and legal and ethics issues.

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  • Curriculum & Instruction — Digital Teaching and Learning Program, Online

    If you want to be up to date on cutting edge digital applications and modalities in the classroom, the Curriculum & Instruction program could be a good fit for you. Coursework in this program is constantly evolving because of the nature of change in new technologies for the classroom. You will study digital literacy, computational thinking, computer programming and curriculum design as well as best practices for bringing digital resources and modes into the existing curriculum. With courses such as Coding for

    Educators and Gaming for Educators, you will discover new ways to design apps, keep your students engaged in learning, and bring a new, exciting paradigm to teaching.

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  • Curriculum & Instruction — Mathematics, Online

    The Curriculum & Instruction program at YSU will prepare you to help students' strengthen their mathematical problem-solving and quantitative reasoning skills. This program appeals to applicants with a strong mathematics background who want to begin a career in teaching as well as those who are already teaching but want to enhance their mathematics skills in the classroom or focus on math as their specialty. Courses focus on brain-based teaching and learning, data interpretation, advanced linear problem-solving, and curriculum development for all P-12 students.

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  • Curriculum & Instruction — Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Online

    For practicing teachers, the Curriculum & Instruction program will help you help your students perform better in STEM classes. You will become fluent in the pedagogy and brain-based teaching and learning that fosters students' curiosity and capabilities. Graduates will be capable of tackling STEM education in the roles of curriculum development or STEM Instructor or Educational Specialist in STEM.

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  • Curriculum & Instruction — Teacher Leader Endorsement, Online