Integrated Sciences Education Major

Teaching science in today's classroom requires you to be knowledgeable in biology, chemistry, physics and more. Enroll as an Integrated Sciences major and become licensed to teach the sciences to adolescent students.

What You'll Study

Science teachers prepare the minds of the next generation of scientists, doctors, engineers and science educators. In the Integrated Sciences Education major, you'll lay a foundation in the discipline so that you may share your knowledge of the sciences with your students.

In the program, you'll choose one of the following concentrations:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth/Space
  • Physics

While you'll still complete coursework in all four areas, a majority of your classes will focus on your concentration.

You coursework will begin with a First Year Experience course that will provide you with everything you need to know about YSU and the Integrated Sciences Education program.  You will complete an Introduction to Education class where you will have an opportunity to tutor elementary children.  Other courses will allow you to spend time in the schools observing, co-teaching and teaching lessons on your own.  A preclinical experience occurs prior to student teaching where you spend over 100 hours in your content area.  The culminating experience is a semester-long student teaching placement.


While you'll have classes in all areas, Integrated Sciences Education majors choose from one of the four following concentrations:

  • Biology Track

    Learn to teach your students all about the chemical and physical foundations of life, as well as the structure and function of cells and organelles.

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  • Chemistry Track

    In this concentration, you'll get an introduction to the fundamental principles of chemistry and learn all about organic compounds, reactions and theories.

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  • Earth/Space Science Track

    Earth, the moon, the stars and the planets are within your reach. Teach your students the physical and historical geology of our planet, as well as the different aspect of our world and beyond.

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  • Physics Track

    Physics is such a dynamic field of science. Teach your students concepts such as the Special Theory of Relativity, The Bohr Model of the hydrogen atom, the Schroedinger Equation and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

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