General Studies Major

Need a degree in order to advance in your current career? Or maybe you're looking for the personal satisfaction of completing your bachelor's degree. Pursue the General Studies program to achieve both.

What You'll Study

If you don't have a specific major in mind, the General Studies major will open the doors to plenty of opportunities for you after you graduate.

Through the program, you'll become a better writer and public speaker. You'll learn to gather, process and present data using the most innovative technologies. And you'll start to think critically about the information, ideas and interpretations of the research that you'll gather throughout your studies.

Choose between two disciplines to focus your education, and complete a cultural/diversity requirement to broaden your degree even more. The General Studies major is your chance to customize both your degree and your future as a professional.


Internships and Jobs


  •  HandsOn Volunteer Network of the Valley
  •  The Sojourner House
  •  DRS LLC


  •  Huntington National Bank
  •  Regional Chamber
  •  Youngstown City Schools
  •  Netech

One More Thing

I'm able to focus on both of my passions, education and sociology. I've grown so much professionally through the program, and I know the outcome will be a positive experience that I'll look back on later in life."

Troyia Woods, General Studies Major