Early Childhood Associate (Pre-K)

Learning starts well before a child reaches school age. Guide them through assembling the building blocks of their lives after you complete your Early Childhood associate.

What You'll Study

The associate degree in Early Childhood will start you on a path to receiving associate licensure in pre-kindergarten education. You'll be qualified to teach in or manage licensed daycare and preschool programs.

In this program, you'll study early childhood development in depth and take courses covering ways to successfully interact with pre-k children in the classroom. In addition to learning about child development, you'll become skilled in managing you own classroom and building parent and professional relations.


  • Early Childhood Associate (Pre-K)

    All students in the associate program take courses in designing and implementing appropriate lessons, working with families in the educational process, assessing child development, and learning ethical guidelines and professional standards.

    Most of the credit you'll receive in the program can be applied to the bachelor's degree in Family and Consumer Science Education or Early Childhood Education. You'll even gain 300 hours of practical experience to prepare you for your career in working with children.

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