Anthropology Major

A degree with some culture. Dig deep into the traditions and fashions of civilizations, past and present.

What You'll Study

You might conjure up the idea of Indiana Jones when thinking of anthropology. Generally, anthropologists study cultures around the world, but there are several ways to approach the topic. That's why we've created a major that explores multiple facets to the field.

You'll conduct "digs" at various archaeological sites within the region. Many have recovered artifacts from ancient tribal cultures and pioneers.

Active student groups, such as the Anthropology Colloquium, help keep the discipline alive outside the classroom. They take trips to museums, dig sites, and national and regional conferences.


  • Anthropology Major

    The major consists of about 30 required credits that cover a broad base of topics. Individual Anthropology minors can also help specialize your degree.

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Internships and Jobs


  • Office of the Attorney General
  • Allegheny County Medical Examiner's Office
  • Akron Community Foundation


  • YWCA of Warren
  • Ohio House of Representatives
  • Great Lakes Archaeological Research Services
  • USDA Forest Service

One More Thing

One of the best parts about the Anthropology program is the faculty. They care so much about each student and spend time trying to make sure everyone has a proper understanding of the work we go over in class. They have extensive knowledge on a broad spectrum of topics, and it really makes the overall experience of being in the classroom that much better."

Moriah Diglaw, Class of 2016