American Studies MA

Admission to the American Studies MA has been suspended.

What other graduate program do you know of that combines academic work drawn from eight disciplines with practical experience? Gain an interdisciplinary master's education through our American Studies program.

What You'll Study

The American Studies master's program combines coursework from American Studies and related departments such as art, education, English, history and criminal justice.

In this program, you'll choose courses from four focus areas. In addition, you'll personalize your curriculum even further by selecting one of two professional tracks to direct your career to public practice or teaching.

Graduates of the program who are already teachers can employ new skills in the classroom, while other graduates become prepared for working in museums and libraries, organizing community development and arts projects, or creating print and multimedia materials for a variety of industries.


All American Studies graduate students take these core courses before focusing in one of four areas:

  •  American History
  •  Cultural Studies
  •  Working-Class Studies
  •  Public History

Finally, students choose between the following two tracks for the practical component of the degree.

Program Overview
Admission Requirements

  • Public Practice Track

    The Public Practice track will equip you with specific training in strategies and skills for developing programs. Courses, a required internship in your field and independent study will give you the tools needed for work in the public sector, institutions and non-profit agencies.


  • Teaching Track

    The Teaching track is designed for secondary school teachers looking to develop or teach interdisciplinary courses on regional history and culture. This track is also ideal for those looking to teach both language arts and social studies, and those seeking a PhD after completing the program.


Internships and Jobs


  •  Butler Institute of American Art
  •  Children’s Center for Science and Technology
  •  Children’s Museum of the Valley
  •  Mahoning Valley Historical Society
  •  Sojourner House
  •  Trumbull County Historical Society
  •  YWCA of Warren


  •  United States Senate
  •  Mahoning County Homeless Continuum of Care
  •  FactSet