Teacher Education MSED

The Teacher Education MSED programs provide advanced professional preparation for teachers, administrators, and school guidance counselors.

What You'll Study

The belief that all children can learn, regardless of their differences, is essential to the development of committed practitioners. In the Teacher Education MSEd program, you'll focus on developing professionally as committed practitioner so you can one day apply the current state of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a teacher, administrator or school guidance counselor.

In the Teacher Education MSEd programs, you'll complete a common core of courses, common core option courses, and specialty program area requirements. All students in the Teacher Education MSEd programs are required to complete an e-Portfolio.

Our Department of Teacher Education’s mission is to empower teachers for professional practice. Our faculty members are committed to educate students in values and ideas that motivate educators for the transformation of students and educational institutions.

Teacher Education MSEd Programs

All students pursuing the Teacher Education master’s programs take core requirements in teacher education in order to gain a better of understanding of the field and prepare for a professional career. 


Program and Admission Requirements

  • Content Area Concentration Program

    The Content Area Concentration Program in Teacher Education provides in-depth advanced study in the content area in which a teacher is licensed.  Core requirements provide breadth of knowledge related to best practices in teaching, along with a research base for these practices.  The content area concentration provides in-depth content knowledge, and in some cases, leads to a content area certificate.  The completion of this master’s degree, along with the certificate, enables teachers to teach in the College Credit Plus Program. 

    Program Overview, Admission Requirements & Curriculum

  • Curriculum and Instruction Program

    The Curriculum & Instruction program is a comprehensive program completely related to curriculum and instruction in the classroom.  Additionally, this programs gives students the opportunity to take other related courses of interest.

    Program Overview, Admission Requirements & Curriculum

  • Literacy Program

    The Literacy Master and/or Reading (K-12) Endorsement program specialty area prepares candidates to develop advanced cognitive and leadership skills appropriate for lead teacher, curriculum coordinator, and mentor in literacy.  Literacy professionals with an endorsement and/or master’s degree in literacy are responsible for meeting literacy needs of all students.  The standards and criteria for judging candidates are established by the International Literacy Association (ILA) and mandated by the Ohio Department of Education. 


Curriculum & Instruction — Literacy Program, Online 

Curriculum & Instruction — Digital Teaching and Learning Program, Online

Curriculum & Instruction — Mathematics, Online

Curriculum & Instruction — Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Online