List of Senate Members 2022-2023

Senate Members 2022-2023

Academic Senate Officers - 2022-2023 Academic Year

Chair: Martha Pallante, Humanities and Social Sciences 

Vice ChairChet Cooper, Biological Sciences 

Secretary: Edmund Ickert, Physical Therapy  

ParliamentarianMax Grubb, Communications 


Academic Senate Members - 2022-2023 Academic Year

Beeghly College of Liberal Arts, Social Sciences & Education (BCLASSE)

David Fruehstorfer, Psychological Sciences and Counseling, 2022-2024 (Department Senator)

Amy Fluker, Humanities and Social Sciences, 2022-2024 (Department Senator)

Lucas Hardy, English and World Languages, 2022-2024 (Department Senator)

Pam Epler, Teacher Education and Leadership Studies, 2021-2023 (Department Senator)

Chirs Barzak, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Dawna Cerney, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Mandy Fehlbaum, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Jackie Mercer, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Gabriel Palmer-Fernandez, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Martha Pallante, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Matt O’Mansky, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Cryshanna Jackson-Leftwich, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Jennifer Behney, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Patrick Spearman, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Tim Francisco, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Paul Gordiejew, 2022-2023 (At-Large)


Bitonte College of Health & Human Services (BCHHS)

Monica Merrill, Criminal Justice and Consumer Sciences, 2021-2023 (Department Senator)

Edmund Ickert, Graduate Studies in Health & Rehab Sciences, 2021-2023 (Department Senator)

Suzanne Smith, Health Professions, 2022-2024 (Department Senator)

Dessalegn Guyo, Human Services, 2022-2024 (Department Senator)

Nicole Olshanski, Nursing, 2021-2023 (Department Senator)

Ida Fusulio, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

John Hazy, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Diane Kandray, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Taci Turel, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Amanda Roby, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Morgan Bagley, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Lauren Iagulli, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Farhana Mueez, 2022-2023 (At-Large)



Cliffe College of Creative Arts (CCCA)

Ewelina Boczkowska, Dana School of Music, 2021-2023 (Department Senator)

Johnathan Farris, Dramatic and Visual Arts, 2022-2024 (Department Senator)

Katherine Garlick, Dramatic and Visual Arts, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Hae-Jong Lee, Dana School of Music, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Paul Louth, Dana School of Music, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Missy McCormick, Dramatic and Visual Arts, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Michelle Nelson, Dramatic and Visual Arts, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Caroline Oltmanns, Dana School of Music, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Dana Sperry, Dramatic and Visual Arts, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Sean Yancer, Dana School of Music, 2022-2023 (At-Large)


College Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (CSTEM)

Chet Cooper, Chemical and Biological Sciences, 2021-2023 (Departmental Senator)

Michael Costarell, School of Computer Science, Information, and Engineering Technology, 2022-2024 (Department Senator)

Sepideh Khavari, Mathematics and Statistics, 2021-2023 (Department Senator)

Hazel Marie, Rayen School of Engineering, 2022-2024 (Department Senator)

Don Priour, Physics, Astronomy, Geology, and Environmental Sciences, 2021-2023 (Department Senator)

Dave Asch, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Snow Balaz, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

John Martin, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Suresh Sharma, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Bob Kramer, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Byung-Wook Park, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Feng Yu, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Mike Ekoniak, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Joe Sanson, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Carmen Panaitof, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Robert Caven, 2022-2023 (At-Large)


Williamson College of Business Administration (WCBA)

Mary Beth Earnheardt, Communication, 2022-2024 (Department Senator)

John Rossi, Management & Marketing, 2022-2024 (Department Senator)

Yaqin Wang, Accounting, Finance & Economics, 2022-2024 (Department Senator)

Adam Earnheardt, Communication, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Kendra Fowler, Management & Marketing, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Omer F. Genc, Management & Marketing, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Max Grubb, Communication, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Bruce Keillor, Management & Marketing, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Tomi Ovaska, Accounting, Finance & Economics, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Peter Reday, Management & Marketing, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

A.J. Sumell, Accounting, Finance & Economics, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Cary Wecht, Communication, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Xiaolou Yang, Accounting, Finance & Economics, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Wang Ying, Management & Marketing, 2022-2023 (At-Large)

Part-Time Faculty Senator

Molly Burdette, Communication, 2022-2023

Jennifer Frank, Criminal Justice and Consumer Sciences, 2022-2023

Administrative Senators (terms are 2022-2023)

Jeffrey Allen, Dean, BCHHS

Kevin Ball, Associate Provost

Carol Bennett, Assistant Provost, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Claire Berardini, Associate Provost, Student Success

Amy Cossentino, Dean, Honors College

Tysa Egleton, Registrar

Hillary Fuhrman, Assistant Provost, Teaching & Learning

Charles Howell, Dean, BCLASSE

Phyllis Paul, Dean, CCCA

Jenn Pintar, Vice Provost

Elaine Ruse, Associate Vice President, Student Enrollment and Business Services

Sal Sanders, Dean, Graduate Studies

Brien Smith, Provost

Wim Steelant, Dean, CSTEM

Kelly Wilkinson, Dean, WCBA

Student Senators (terms are 2022-2023)

Maguire Franko - Governance Commitee

Niko Mastorides - Executive Committee, Teaching and Learning

Radar Riegel - Library Committee, Academic Events

Dominic Adams - General Education, Charter and Bylaws, UCC

Ella Seuberling - DEI, First Year Experience

Jonathan Beckner - Academic Research

Austin Browne - Elections, Academic Standards, University-Wide Learning Outcomes

Charles Lowerre - Teaching and Learning

Jordan Pintar - Grievances

Mason Burrows - General Education

Marissa Schmidt - Design, DEI

Zane Perrico - Academic Programs, Course Calendar

Pacificah Mariita - Strategic Plan

Emmanuel Abagna - Honors, Publication

Dylan Brown - Technology, Student Success Task Force