Access to Residence Halls

Youngstown State University currently operates four residence halls, all for undergraduate students. The safety and security of the 850 students who live in these facilities is a top priority.

Each residence hall is staffed by professional coordinators and student resident assistants who are all charged with promoting the welfare of residents, including their physical safety. In addition to enforcing house policies and procedures, these staff members participate in lectures and workshops about campus safety and security conducted by University administrators, police officers and safety officers. The University's three main residence halls Kilcawley, Cafaro and Lyden houses are monitored from a front desk that is staffed 24 hours a day. A YSU police officer conducts a roving patrol among the residence halls during the evening hours and early morning hours. At night, front desks are staffed by YSU police officers. All residence hall doors are locked from 8 p.m. until 8 a.m. and students may gain access only by showing the appropriate identification to the police officer or resident assistant on duty. Electronic alarms alert police and staff to outside doors that are unlocked or propped open, and fire exits are fitted with alarms and monitored by remote video.

At the main desk, both on-campus and off-campus visitors must sign in and must be escorted through the residence hall by a resident. All student rooms are equipped with dead bolt locks and all windows have locking devices. Special security procedures are in effect during low-occupancy periods-over breaks and in summer-but a full-time staff member is on call at all times to handle emergencies. Access to residence halls is limited to students and visitors; University employees can only enter residence halls through strict key-control procedures. The community at large can attend cultural and recreational events on campus with access only to the buildings or areas where the events are being held.