6. Recovering From An Emergency

Ending Emergency Operations

When the threat presented by the emergency has ended, the Chief of YSU Police will inform the University President of the cessation of Emergency Operations.  The focus of the campus turns at this point to the recovery phase.

The Executive Officers of the university meets for a debriefing to assess the response to the emergency and decide which support operations, if any, should continue.  Upon the recommendation of the Executive Officers of the university to end the Response Phase, the focus of the campus turns at this point to the recovery phase.

The Recovery Phase is the period of time following an emergency required to restore the Campus to normal operations. This Phase commences immediately following the cessation of emergency operations and extends until all academic and support operations are restored to a functional level (normal operations).

Restoring the operations to a functional level means that departments can once again deliver the services according to their respective mandates.

University Recovery Team 

Upon the cessation of emergency response operations, the Vice President for Finance and Administration appoints a University Recovery Team. The composition of the team is determined by the Vice President in order to facilitate the restoration of campus operations. The University Recovery Team is charged with conducting a damage assessment, developing a recovery plan and implementing that plan.             

Conclusion of the Recovery Phase

Upon completion of the recovery phase, the University Recovery Team advises the University President that emergency management functions have ended and that the normal operations of the campus have been restored.