Students are identified as a Cohort (group) based on the semester in which they first enroll as degree-seeking students.


Returning Students

Students enrolled at Youngstown State University prior to summer term 2018 and who are enrolled in fall term 2018 and later, are considered Returning Students for purposes of assessing tuition and other fees.  They are not covered by the Penguin Tuition Promise.


Tuition (Instructional Fee and Mandatory Fee)

Tuition is the sum of the Instructional Fee and General Fee. For non-Ohio-resident students, Tuition also includes a nonresident surcharge. Students that do not qualify for the Tuition Promise will be assessed the fee structure in place prior to the Tuition Promise or as permitted by Ohio law.

  1. Instructional Fee: This is the guaranteed instructional costs that all degree-seeking students will pay.
  2. General Fee: This fee covers general costs associated with non-instructional student services. Rather than charging separate fees, a general fee significantly streamlines and reduces the number of miscellaneous fees that would otherwise appear on a student bill. An average per student cost has been determined and will be charged to all students in each eligible cohort, thereby minimizing unanticipated fee changes to a student’s bill that might otherwise occur from year to year. Examples of services covered by this fee include:
    • Information technology services
    • Campus shuttle services
    • Career services
    • Matriculation and graduation


Room and Board Charges

Room and Board charges are the guaranteed rates for housing and meal plan options. Students pay a guaranteed fee based on their selected housing and meal plan.

University owned housing (Cafaro House, Kilcawly House, Lyden House, Wick House, Weller House, University Courtyard Apartments) and dining rates are included in the Penguin Tuition Promise but may vary depending on students’ chosen or available residence type and meal plan selection.


Additional Fees not included in the Penguin Tuition Promise

  1. Course Fees: Course Fees are charges for certain courses or course-related costs and vary based on the course with the exception of the Performance Music fee that is charged per credit hour.
  2. Parking Fee: An optional fee. By opting to purchase a parking permit, students have the ability to park in designated campus parking garages and surface lots.