YSU-BaccMed Demographic/Academic Priorities

The YSU-BaccMed program needs students who are both mission-centric and have potential for high academic success in YSU-BaccMed and beyond. If you are such a student, we invite you to apply!

  • All high school / current college students wanting to be primary care physicians should apply to YSU-BaccMed, especially they are from rural, inner city, first generation, financially disadvantaged, medically underserved communities.
  • The likelyhood of primary care orientation is accessed not only from student backgrounds, but from application essays and letters of recommendation.
  • Each applicant’s academic record is given a holistic evaluation of overall preparation, high school performance (overall GPA, BCPM: GPA in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics), high school graduation test and its subsections, and national standardized tests and their subsections.
  • Mathematics preparation is especially important—see the link MATH 1581H (YSU-BaccMed Calculus I) Readiness Metrics for calculus readiness metrics used in evaluating mathematics preparedness.
  • Sufficient conditions for success in YSU-BaccMed: high overall GPA, high BCPM, and calculus readiness. But students with pre-calculus readiness will be considered within our holistic review process and, if accepted into YSU-BaccMed, may be advised to take MATH 1580H in their incoming Summer term to improve their mathematics preparation for MATH 1581H.
  • Accepted YSU-BaccMed applicants are strongly encouraged to work with the YSU-BaccMed management team to ensure their success.