YSU-BaccMed Application Process

It is extremely important that YSU-BaccMed applicants follow the process outline below. If there are questions, please contact Mrs. Brett Kengor, YSU-BaccMed Admissions Coordinator, 330-941-1531, bakengor@ysu.edu.


Complete YSU admissions application; send academic transcripts and standardized test scores. YSU-BaccMed is available only at YSU.


Complete online YSU Financial Aid Application at ysufinaid@ysu.edu for all YSU Foundation funded scholarships. Contact Ms. Emilie Brown, STEM Coordinator for Outreach and Scholarships, 330-941-2884, egeberth@ysu.edu, for STEM-specific scholarships, including Choose Ohio First (COF). Applications for scholarships should be made as soon as possible, especially those for COF.


Complete online YSU-BaccMed application, including the 3 essays within their provided spaces. Include ACT/SAT composite scores and subscores, as well as H.S. overall GPA and BCPM. The application can be filled out electronically, but you will need to print in order to sign the application. Be sure YSU is a designated university for your ACT/SAT marks. This step is absolutely essential: YSU-BaccMed at the undergraduate level is its own approved YSU program with its own majors and pathways (biology and biochemistry) and with its own admissions committee who decide acceptance. (It is not a premed track within a College of STEM department or major.)


Have three referents write three recommendation letters in sealed envelopes with signatures back & forth across the sealed flap: two letters from teachers who evaluate potential for success in an academically rigorous program; the third letter from a health professional or community leader or religious leader who evaluates primary care interest or interest in community.


Send applications materials from Steps 3 & 4 to...

Mrs. Brett Kengor, MSEd, LPC
YSU-BaccMed Admissions Coordinator
2300 Moser Hall
Youngstown State University
Youngstown, OH 44555

If there is any anticipated delay for the letters of recommendation, please send the application from Step 3 as soon as possible without the letters; then send the letters as soon as you get them. We strongly recommend that students apply to YSU-BaccMed as early in the academic year as possible to insure priority consideration: there are a limited number (50) of YSU-BaccMed seats in each new cohort, and most cohorts are almost filled in the Fall term—the operational deadline for the Fall admissions cycle is 15 November.

If any question, please contact Mrs. Kengor at 330-941-1531, bakengor@ysu.edu.


Once you are accepted into YSU-BaccMed (Steps 1–5), the YSU-BaccMed team will shepherd you through the admission processes for early assurance/acceptance seats in our medical partners. Students in their senior H.S. year or in their first/second YSU year apply for conditional admission to LECOM; and students apply for conditional admission to NEOMED no earlier than their second YSU year, preferably in their second YSU year, but possibly also in their third YSU year.