YSU-BaccMed Advantages: Long Version

The YSU-BaccMed program is the premier integrated premed/med program in North America, with combinations of benefits and opportunities found nowhere else.

Unprecedented & Comprehensive Funding Eligibilities

Much of high school to post-residency premed/med expense is eliminated by YSU-BaccMed funding components outlined below.

  • YSU historically low instructional costs: equivalent to $8,000 scholarship at other Ohio universities; YSU costs for western PA residents about half that of PA state institutions for PA residents.
  • YSU Freshmen Scholarships for Excellence.
  • Housing scholarships unique to YSU-BaccMed.
  • YSU Foundation merit-based scholarships. § STEM specific scholarships (contact Ms. Emilie Brown, egeberth@ysu.edu, 330-941-2884).
  • Choose Ohio First (COF) Scholarships (Ohio residents): 20% of new COF grant supports YSU-BaccMed students (contact Ms. Emilie Brown; see COF webpage on College of STEM website).
  • COF scholarships at NEOMED for primary care pathways; endowment based scholarships at LECOM for primary care pathways.
  • Federal primary care student loan forgiveness through National Health Service Corp (NHSC).

Flexible Timelines from High School

Nominal 3 calendar years at YSU + 4 academic years at NEOMED/LECOM (if selected by NEOMED/LECOM). Available timelines include:

  • 3 + 3 (3 year rigorous BS + 3 year MD/DO—assumes calculus readiness)
  • 3 + 4 (3 year rigorous BS + 4 year MD/DO—assumes calculus readiness)
  • 2 + 1 + 4 (2 year rigorous BS + 1 year toward MS + 4 year MD/DO)
  • 4 + 3 (4 year rigorous BS + 3 year MD/DO—assumes precalculus readiness)
  • 4 + 4 (4 year rigorous BS + 4 year MD/DO—assumes precalculus readiness)

Early Assurance and Preferential Consideration

Perhaps the most important YSU-BaccMed advantage.

  • Typical applicants to medical school are “direct entry” and compete against 50 to 200 other applicants for one medical seat; direct entry applicants are rarely successful.
  • NEOMED evaluates YSU-BaccMed applicants by the end of their second YSU program year (typically sophomore year) for conditional admission to the NEOMED College of Medicine via early assurance seats from a quota of 35 NEOMED seats reserved each year for YSU-BaccMed students.
  • LECOM evaluates YSU-BaccMed applicants by the end of their high school senior year / first YSU program year (typically freshman year) / second YSU program year (if they do 4 years at YSU) for conditional admission to the LECOM College of Osteopathic Medicine via early acceptance seats from a quota of 12 LECOM seats reserved each year for YSU-BaccMed students, including 6 seats in the elite Primary Care Scholars Pathway (PCSP) 3-year DO program.
  • YSU-BaccMed each academic year offers 50 seats in the YSU-BaccMed program, spread across two admissions cycles (Fall and Spring). Each YSU-BaccMed accepted student competes only against himself/herself for an early assurance/acceptance seat at NEOMED/LECOM.

Intellectually Rigorous Undergraduate Training

The undergraduate preparation afforded by the YSU-BaccMed B.S. pathways in biology and biochemistry is unique to YSU-BaccMed (not available to traditional YSU premed majors) and meets or exceeds the entrance requirements of every medical school in North America. Some highlights:

  • YSU-BaccMed provides a year of calculus: MATH 1581H + MATH 1572. MATH 1581H is Calculus I only for YSU-BaccMed. Regular Calculus I (MATH 1571) can serve as a prerequisite for MATH 1581H, with credit for both courses taken in that order. Followed by calculus based biostatistics.
  • YSU-BaccMed provides a year of regular calculus based general physics, not typical for traditional premed programs (which require only a semester of algebra based physics or business calculus based physics).
  • YSU-BaccMed provides deep preparation in biology and chemistry, including a year in each of human physiology, cell biology, organic chemistry, biochemistry.
  • YSU-BaccMed provides faculty mentored undergraduate research in both pathways, and additional research activities are provided for COF supported students using regional physicians.

Innovative Primary Care Orientation Curricula

YSU-BaccMed provides a year and a half of innovative primary care orientation comprising three semester courses.

  • PH 1531 Fundamentals of Public Health, an introduction to public health.
  • PH 3709 Elements of Urban Environmental Health Practices, an introduction to medically underserved populations: rural, urban, economically disadvantaged.
  • STEM 4809 Primary Care Medical Practices, an introduction to primary care practice in rural, urban, and financially disadvantaged communities within the Youngstown-Warren statistical metropolitan area, covering 5 counties in eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania. STEM 4809 features presentations by clinical providers interwoven with a variety of precepting experiences: its Spring 2019 implementation for 10 YSU-BaccMed students featured 1 instructor, 1 health system academic director, 5 clinical presenters (MDs, DOs, DDS), 23 preceptors (MDs, DOs, CNPs).
  • Significant academic and regional clinical resources have been recruited/invested in the implementation/effectiveness of STEM 4809.

Faculty and Staffing for YSU-BaccMed

Significant YSU and regional clinical resources are invested in the YSU-BaccMed program, its management team, and the academic and professional success of its students.

  • YSU-BaccMed Director and Liaison Officer: program administrator; interfaces with YSU central administration; develops partner affiliations and liaisons with partner institutions; chairs YSU-BaccMed Admissions Committee; participates in recruitment and develops recruitment materials.
  • YSU-BaccMed Faculty Coordinator: oversees curriculum and curricular changes and the YSU-BaccMed biology pathway; advises YSU-BaccMed students on MCAT and tracks their progress toward matriculation at NEOMED/LECOM; chairs YSU-BaccMed Committee on Academic Progress and Professionalism; advises the student MCAT Club.
  • YSU-BaccMed Assistant Faculty Coordinator: assists the Faculty Coordinator with the YSU-BaccMed biochemistry pathway.
  • YSU-BaccMed Admissions Coordinator: oversees applications and all logistics of the admissions process; advises and YSU-BaccMed students on program requirements and works with the Faculty Coordinator on tracking student progress toward partner matriculation; liaisons with partner high school staff; participates in recruitment.
  • YSU faculty who teach YSU-BaccMed students, often in YSU-BaccMed proprietary courses, and who mentor YSU-BaccMed student research projects, whether for their pathways or COF scholarship obligations.
  • Academic/clinical representatives from NEOMED/LECOM. These sit on the YSU-BaccMed Admissions Committee and Committee on Academic Progress and Professionalism, and help recruit regional resources for mentoring student research and for STEM 4809 presenters and preceptors.

The YSU-BaccMed management team has an outstanding record of student success in integrated premed/med education: promotion to medical school, passage and scores on standardized national licensing exams, medical school graduation rates.

Degrees Awarded

The degrees awarded are the following:

  • BS from YSU in the YSU-BaccMed biology pathway or in the YSU-BaccMed biochemistry pathway.
  • MD from NEOMED or DO from LECOM via the Early Assurance/Acceptance Programs at these partner institutions.