YSU BaccMed Advantages: Short Version

The YSU-BaccMed program is the premier integrated premed/med program in North America, with combinations of benefits and opportunities found nowhere else. Please see the link YSU-BaccMed Advantages: Long Version for the full story of all the unique YSU-BaccMed advantages.

Unprecedented & Comprehensive Funding Eligibilities

Much of high school to post-residency premed/med expense is eliminated by YSU-BaccMed funding components: low YSU cost (even for out of state students); YSU Foundation merit scholarships; YSU-BaccMed housing scholarships; special Choose Ohio First support for YSU-BaccMed students (Ohio residents); federal primary care student loan forgiveness.

Flexible Timelines from High School

Nominal timeline of 3 (calendar years at YSU) + 4 (academic years at NEOMED/LECOM, if selected by NEOMED/LECOM). Available timelines: 3 + 3, 3 + 4, 2 + 1 + 4, 4 + 3, 4 + 4.

Early Assurance and Preferential Consideration

Perhaps the most important YSU-BaccMed advantage. Typical applicants to medical school are “direct entry” and compete against 50 to 200 other applicants for one medical seat—not a recipe for success! YSU-BaccMed each academic year offers 50 seats in the YSU-BaccMed program, spread across two admissions cycles (Fall and Spring); and each YSU-BaccMed accepted student competes only against himself/herself for an early assurance/acceptance, YSU-quota reserved seat at NEOMED/LECOM.

Innovative Primary Care Orientation Curricula

YSU-BaccMed provides a year and a half of innovative primary care orientation comprising three semester courses, the third of which blends critical analyses of clinical research literature with a variety of precepting experiences in rural, urban, and financially disadvantaged communities within the Youngstown-Warren statistical metropolitan area.

Faculty and Staffing for YSU-BaccMed

Significant YSU academic and staffing resources, coupled with equally significant regional clinical resources, are invested in the YSU-BaccMed program, its management team, and the academic and professional success of its students. The YSU-BaccMed management team has an outstanding record of student success in integrated premed/med education, as judged by the metrics of matriculation/promotion to medical school, passage and scores on standardized national licensing exams, medical school graduation rates.

Degrees Awarded

  • BS from YSU in the YSU-BaccMed biology pathway or in the YSU-BaccMed biochemistry pathway.

  • MD from NEOMED or DO from LECOM via the Early Assurance/Acceptance Programs at these partner institutions.