Who Is Eligible

Program Information and Requirements

Upward Bound at YSU is a 4 year federally funded TRIO college preparation program open to low income and/or first generation potential college bound students in the Youngstown City High Schools who are in the 9th grade.

Upward Bound activities take place outside of the student’s regular high school day—students remain in their high schools. Activities include: After-School Instructional Tutoring at the student’s high school, Saturday Enrichment classes and a 6 - week Summer Residential Component which simulates life on a college campus,  as well as high school credit for completion of the program.

  • There is no cost to participants: All expenses for the program are paid for by Upward Bound. Currently we are funded to serve 50 students in grades 9 - 12 from the Youngstown City High Schools.

Upward Bound allows your student to network with other “college bound” students from the very beginning of their high school career.

General Requirements

To be eligible to participate in Upward Bound, students must have financial need and/or be a first generation college bound student, maintain a "C" grade average and have good disciplinary and attendance records.