Confidential Support and Assistance

Campus or community professional medical and counseling resources are generally prohibited from revealing information an individual has shared with them without the express permission of the individual or unless there is an imminent threat of harm to self or others, or if required by law or a court order. These professionals include medical and mental health providers, ordained clergy, and rape crisis counselors and are generally referred to as confidential resources.

Confidential Resources

On campus

Student Counseling Services at YSU (8:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday)
Kilcawley Center, Room 2082/330-941-3737

Student Health Clinic (normal business hours)
Kilcawley House, First Floor/330.941.3489

Employee Assistance Program/ 800-227-6007


The Rape Crisis & Counseling Center
330.782.3936 (24 hour Hotline)

Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (24 hour access)

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital/Medical Center
330.746.7211 (24 hour medical services)

Valley Care/Northside Medical Center
330.884.1000 (24 hour medical services)