All Faculty Workshops

Workshops provide knowledge, as well as a chance to share ideas and enjoy camaraderie with other faculty. Socializing, and comparing strategies and experiences are important to effective faculty development. Workshops are FREE and open to any faculty member. Refreshments and certificates of attendance are included.

2017-2018 Tentative Schedule
Most slated for 4:00 P.M.

Invitations and detailed information to come by email.


Online Training with Magna Publications


There are nearly 300 training videos available on a variety of subjects

Contact Cary Wecht for access code and process - it's EASY.


All Faculty Workshop Series

August 21 Faculty Led Study Abroad
Sept 12, 14 Understanding our Diverse Student Body
October 16, 17 Advising training offered through YACADA
November 8 Encouraging a Growth Mindset
November Your Tenure and Promotion Portfolio
November YSU Distance Ed Awards
January 4
  • Jim Lang, Small Teaching and Cheating Lessons
  • Scott Meyers, Communication in the Classroom: What We Know
March Making Your Course a Flex Course
March Using Improvisation to Enhance Your Teaching
March Connecting with the Crowd: Lecturing to Small vs. Large Groups