Student Inclusion and Enrichment Mission Statement

The mission of Student Inclusion and Enrichment is to enhance our student’s collegiate experience by contributing to an environment supportive of diversity and inclusion. As such we support individuals and student organizations to advance our culture of community.  This promotes an environment conducive to cultivating relationships, creating a sense of belonging, encouraging personal growth and responsibility, and developing a strong set of interpersonal and professional skills for all students.  Through the programs and services of this office students will learn the value of civic engagement, cultural awareness, and gain an appreciation for diverse perspectives.


Core Values

BELONGING: Developing a campus community that fosters and celebrates differences

INTEGRITY: Accepting personal responsibility and a willingness to hold others in the community accountable

AUTONOMY: Encouraging independence through promotion and education of healthy lifestyle choices

RESPECT: Valuing each member’s contributions towards our collective successes while treating others how they would like to be treated

PASSION: Helping students identify their passion as well as pursue it appropriately

SERVICE: Creating a sense of institutional pride that encourages community engagement