Strike Information

Oct. 15, 2020

The faculty strike at Youngstown State University is over.


The union and university administration reached an understanding for the general framework on a new three-year contract and will work out details for a tentative agreement.


Classes will be held as usual starting Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020 



For Students

If there is a strike, when will it start?
The faculty union went on strike, starting Monday, Oct. 12. Negotiations are continuing, and we remain hopeful that an agreement can be reached. Regardless, most classes at YSU will resume on Wednesday, Oct. 14, even if the faculty remain out on strike.

Will classes still be held?
YSU’s Fall Break is Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 12 and 13. No classes are scheduled. So, if faculty go on strike, classes will not be disrupted for those two days. If the strike spills into Wednesday, Oct. 14 or beyond, the university will remain open and most classes at YSU will resume. Unless you are notified otherwise by the department chair, your classes will  meet as scheduled. Classes will be covered by part-time faculty, full-time faculty who have chosen not to go on strike, other qualified instructors or via other educational formats. Students should continue their assigned work.

If my faculty are on strike, will they still have access to their YSU email or Blackboard?
Yes, YSU will not be removing faculty access to email and Blackboard so that faculty are able to communicate with their students and monitor their students' progress. 

How will I know what to do?
Pay attention to your YSU email and this website for the latest updates.

Do I still have access to Blackboard?
Yes, all students still have full access to Blackboard and all educational materials.

How will assignments work for students, while the strike goes on?
Students should continue to complete their assigned work.

Do I still go to my clinical site, what about student teaching? 
Most clinical experiences, student teaching, and internships may continue without interruption. Students may refer questions to their department chair.

Will Graduate Assistants and Fellows be able to continue their work during a potential strike? What about student employees? Who will serve as supervisors?
The University plans to remain open during the strike. Youngstown State will operate under normal hours of operation and class schedule. All Graduate Assistants, Graduate Research Assistants, Graduate Assistant Interns, Teaching Assistants and Student Employees are to come to work as scheduled and continue to work if a strike is called. Department heads will serve in the supervisory role.

Will a strike impact Fall graduation?
We do not believe Fall graduation will be impacted. If necessary, the university will communicate any changes to the campus community via email.

Will the semester have to be extended?
We do not anticipate this. If the strike spills into Wednesday, Oct. 14 or beyond, the university will remain open and most classes at YSU will resume.

Will facilities be open and available for research and scholarly work by students?
Yes, facilities will be open and available to students for research and scholarly work.



For employees not in the faculty union

If there is a strike, should I come to work?
Yes. All employees not represented by the faculty union are to continue to come to work as scheduled. Under Ohio law, employees not represented by the faculty union are not permitted to participate in a strike.

Monday, Oct. 12, is a scheduled furlough day.
Correct, however, if your supervisor has determined that you are to report to work on this day, you are to do so. The furlough day will be used at another time.

What if I need to request vacation time?
Supervisors/managers will not approve any new vacation requests for employees during this time. All previously approved vacation requests will be reviewed based on department need.

What if I need to call off sick?
New sick leave requests during this time will be similarly reviewed regarding department need. FMLA requested during a strike will be evaluated consistent with current practice.

For Faculty

What is being on strike?
Unless you contact the Office of Human Resources at by 8am on Monday, October 12, 2020 and inform the University that you will be performing all of your duties regardless of the YSU-OEA strike, the University will consider you to be on strike and will terminate university pay and benefits consistent on the first day of a strike. If you state that you will perform your duties and then fail to do so, may be considered job abandonment which could result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

If I’m on strike, what happens to my benefits?
If you elect to go on strike, you are no longer on active status and your University provided pay, supplemental pay, leave benefits and insurance benefits [i.e. Medical, Prescription Drugs, Dental, Vision, Basic Life Insurance, Accidental Death & Disability (AD&D), Long-Term Disability (LTD), and Adoption Assistance] will end as of the date you go on strike.

If I’m on strike, will I still have access to my email or Blackboard?
Yes, YSU will not be removing faculty access to email and Blackboard so that faculty are able to monitor their students' progress. 

What about COBRA?
If you are on strike, you will receive a COBRA Notice. COBRA will allow you to continue your medical, dental, and vision, by paying the full premium and not just the employee premium portion. COBRA is billed monthly and is administered by a third-party administrator, Chard-Snyder. While on COBRA, an individual is required to pay the total premium amount (Employee Portion and YSU Portion) in order to maintain coverage, plus administrative fees. For example, for the traditional PPO1 plan, the total monthly premium for medical and prescription is approximately: single coverage $906.81; single+1 coverage $1,813.58; family coverage $2,493.69.

What about Voluntary benefits?
Voluntary benefits will also end as of the date you go on strike. You can continue voluntary benefits (Supplemental Life and AD&D Insurance, Spousal and Dependent Life and AD&D Insurance, and Long-Term Disability Insurance) while you are on strike by completing the Conversion to Individual Whole Life Insurance policy and/or the Application for Long-Term Disability Insurance which are available on the Human Resources Benefits Webpage. For Supplemental Life Insurance and Dependent Life Insurance you can continue these policies by converting your existing group policy to individual policies. You have 30 days to do this. If you return to work, you will be able to convert your policy back to the YSU group policy as of the first of the month following your return to work.

Am I still eligible for leave?
Striking employees are not eligible for any leave (if applicable) including but not limited to vacation, sick leave, bereavement, holiday, faculty improvement and sabbatical leave. Further, all university and employee retirement contributions cease as a result of no earned wages, as applicable.

I still have questions.
If you have any questions regarding continuation of benefits while on strike, contact Human Resources Benefits as