Strategic Planning Resources

The topics that will serve as the foundation the strategic plan are grouped into three categories, Education, Academics and Economics. Each of these categories contains sub-topics with supported reading materials. We encourage you to explore and read these topic resources to better understand the state of each topic before joining the conversation. To join the conversation, you are not required to provide feedback on all topics, but rather any number of them. 

Strategic Planning (additional Reading) 

Guiding Principles

Appreciative Inquiry
By Barrett & Fry


The New Education
By Davidson

Thank You for Being Late
By Friedman

Winnebagos on Wednesdays: How Visionary Leadership Can Transform Higher Education
By Cowen

Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic
By Quinones


Just Growth
By Benner & Pastor

The Third Wave
By Case

The Smartest Places on Earth
By Van Agtmael & Bakker

The Industries of the Future
By Ross

Designing the New American University
By Crow & Dabars

By Duckworth

The Second Machine Age
By Brynjolfsson & McAfee

Producer Consciousness
By Warren & Stratford


additional Resources



Join the Conversation

After reviewing the resources on this page, please join in the conversation by answering the following question:

Given the evolving nature of higher education, how must Youngstown State University respond to assure its relevance and vitality in the future?