Course Modalities

Youngstown State University is committed to providing an excellent academic experience. Most courses will be returning to the Traditional class instruction starting Fall 2021. The method of delivery for each class is determined after a thorough assessment by deans, department chairs, faculty and other campus experts. Classes are assessed to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment, quality instruction and engagement with faculty.

Course Modalities

  • Traditional (TR) class instruction will continue to be offered this spring. Students will attend class on campus but maintain social distancing, health and safety protocols.
    • Set Day/Time
    • Set Location
    • 100% In-Person Class Meetings
  • Agile-Hybrid Campus and Virtual Campus was a new instruction method for the fall.  These modalities will be a combination approach using traditional face-to-face and virtual instruction methods, which allows the university to meet necessary safety measures while maintaining a consistent academic experience for students.
    • Set Day/Time
    • Set Location and Online Class Meetings
    • May have some in-person class meetings
    • May have live video conference class meetings or broadcasts from the “classrooms of the future” weekly
  • Online Live was a new instructional method for the fall. This approach will provide a completely online class with live instruction.
    • Set Day/Time
    • Set Online Class Meetings
    • No In-Person Class Meetings
    • Live Video Conference Meetings
  • Web-Based (WB) will continue to be offered this spring. Students work with the deadlines established by the course instructor.
    • No set day/time
    • No In-Person Class Meetings
    • 100% Online Learning Experience
  • The Office of the Registrar anticipates most students’ schedules will have a combination of all class modalities.
  • Students should review their “active registration” in the portal to see if some of their class instructional methods have changed.
  • Students may adjust their fall registration through the last day to add a class, change a grading option, and/or change a credit option deadline; those deadlines are listed for each part of term on the Calendars page.

 How to Access Your “Active Registration”

  1. Log in to the PenguinPortal
  2. Under "e-Service for Students", select "Access My Student Information"
  3. The Student and Financial Aid menu will populate; select “Registration”
  4. Select “Active Registration” to view your instructional method for each course in which you are registered

How to Search the Schedule of Classes for Different Instructional Methods

  1. Log in to the PenguinPortal
  2. Under “e-Service for Students”, select “Register for Classes”
  3. Select the current term when prompted
  4. Select “Look Up Classes” to review the Schedule of Classes
  5. Select the current term when prompted
  6. Click on the “Advanced Search” button
  7. Highlight a course subject to highlight all subjects if you want to review all courses.
  8. Select the Instructional Method you wish to search by (i.e., Agile Campus Hybrid)
  9. Click on the “Section Search” button to review the results.