How to Participate in QUEST


  • Registration & Eligibility
    All undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled and engaged in scholarly activity, creative works, and research are eligible to register and present at QUEST 2019.
  • Registration Instructions
    • Before registering for QUEST, review your proposed project with a faculty member.
    • Determine the title and abstract for your presentation.
    • Determine the format of your presentation, (Oral (PowerPoint) or Poster).
    • Develop a grammatically correct and accurate abstract.
      • Applications with improper abstracts will be rejected.
      • Avoid technical or specialized characters in your title and abstract, as they will not appear the same font in print.
    • NEW!: Only one registration per project.
      • There may be multiple students on a single project, but each student must be registered under the single project.
        • Each student name, address, phone, email and Y number are needed for registration.
        • Non-registered students will not be recognized as participants in QUEST, and will not be eligible to receive awards.
    • Register using only your YSU email address.
    • Follow the registration instructions and complete all fields.
      • Registration Deadline is March 8, 2019 at 3:00 PM.
      • No deadline extensions will be granted and no late registrations will be accepted for any reason.
    • Remember your registration number. You will be asked to write it down on a notecard at your presentation so that judges can identify you.
    • Address questions to
  • What is an abstract?
    • An abstract is a concise statement (about 150 words) that summarizes your presentation. An abstract should identify the objective or purpose of your work, the methods employed, and the outcomes or results of your work.
    • Your abstract constitutes a permanent written record of your achievement. Therefore, assure that yours includes significant content and grammatical correctness. Please make sure that your faculty advisor reviews and approves the abstract prior to submission. It is highly recommended that you consult professional journal articles within your discipline to get a good idea of what is expected. Proofread carefully.
    • Limit your abstract to 150 words.
  • Presentation Modes
    • ORAL: Oral presentations, traditionally the more common mode of presentation, are limited to 15 minutes, including questions and answers. Each presentation session is 90 minutes in length. Presenters are required to attend the entire session to which they are assigned. All presentation rooms will be equipped with Windows computers equipped with PowerPoint and a LCD projector. Presenters should load PowerPoint presentations on the computer prior to the start of the session.
    • POSTER: Poster presenters are required to attend to their posters for the duration of the 90 minute session. Faculty judges will engage the student at the poster and may ask questions for clarification. Presenters are provided an easel with a corrugated cardboard backing that is 48 inches wide and 36 inches high. Clips will be provided. Staples, duct tape, or adhesives are not permitted. Poster set-up should occur prior to the start of the session, and be taken down only at the conclusion of the session.
  • Special Requests
    QUEST is committed to providing a forum that is conducive to all styles of presentation and special needs. Every attempt will be made to accommodate any reasonable request in terms of room size, acoustics, equipment, and furnishings. Presenters must be prepared to provide assistance as requested.
  • Quest Schedule

    Presentation Sessions and Times:
    QUEST is an all-day event, divided into two ninety-minute morning sessions and two ninety-minute afternoon sessions. All presentations will be scheduled according to discipline, subject, and venue availability. Due to the size of the event, it is impossible to schedule presentation times according to individual preferences.

    Presenters and their faculty advisors/sponsors will be notified via e-mail of presentation times, sessions, and other important details no later than March 31, 2019.

    Presenters/ Mentors Luncheon:
    All presenters and their faculty mentors/sponsors will be honored at a luncheon to be held between the morning and afternoon sessions (12:00 to 1:30) in the Chestnut Room, Kilcawley Center.

    Presenters Check-in:
    All presenters must report to the registration table outside the Bresnahan Suite between 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM to receive their name badge, program, and any updated information.

    QUEST 2019 Program and Abstracts:
    QUEST will publish a program guide abstracts, available on-line on March 31, 2019 and in printed form on April 2, 2019.


  • QUEST Instructional Videos