2016 Awards

Best Undergraduate Project ($1,000 Scholarship funded by YSU Foundation)

Determination of Protein Content and Amino Acid Composition of Farm Crickets*

Taylor N Baum, Allison N Guerrieri, Tayah D Turocy, Rachel M Centofanti, Samantha A Mock

Best Graduate Project ($500 Scholarship funded by YSU Foundation)

Analyzing Developer Sentiment in Commit Logs

Vinayak Sinha

College Award - Graduate Studies ($200 award funded by YSU Research Foundation)

Restoration of Melanin in Albino Mutant of Fonseace monophora can Reverse Its Pathogenicity to the Heterologous Insect Host Galleria mellonella

 Liu Yinghui

College Award – College of STEM ($200)

Design of a CNC Small Hole EDM

Jon Bancroft, Cory Merlo, Kyle Spickler

College Award – College of Liberal Arts and Social Scinces ($200)

The Debilitating Effects of Socioeconomic Status Among Elementary School Students

Megan Evans

College Award – Bitonte Health and Human Services ($200)

Nutrition-Focused Physical Assessment for Malnutrition 

Allison M Shay

College Award – Williamson College of Business Administration ($200)

The Affordable Care Act: Financial Implications of Healthcare Mandates on Small Business

Samantha Anderson

College Award – College of Creative Arts and Communication ($200)

Reflection of Personality in Social Media

Gina Mancini

College Award – Beeghley College of Education ($200)

Digital Literacy in Special Education: An Analysis and Compilation of the Resources Available in the Classroom

Mackenzi Brozovich

*Award shared equally amongst authors