Ms. Susan Clutter

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Ms. Susan Ann Clutter


Chemical & Biological Sciences

Ward Beecher Hall 4032

phone: (330) 941-2273


Susan Clutter received a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Clark University and a master’s degree in Forensic Science from the George Washington University. She worked as a CSI for the Montgomery County and Baltimore City Police Departments in MD before becoming a college professor in 2003. She has taught at various colleges in the Maryland and Virginia area, and has taught forensic courses for the Virginia Fire Marshal Academy and the State Department. Her specialty areas include Crime Scene Investigation, Blood Pattern Interpretation, and Fire Science. Susan is now a Full Professor in the Forensic Science program at Youngstown State University, and she received the Distinguished Professor award in 2023. She has one grown son and a very bossy corgi.

  • Education
    • 2002

      MS, M.F.S in Forensic Science

      George Washington University (GWU)

    • 1994

      BA, Biology

      Clark University

  • Awards and Honors
    • April 2023


      Distinguished Professor

      DP in Teaching 2023
      DP in Service 2021
      DP in Scholarship 2020

    • March 2023


      Distinguished Professorship- Teaching

    • 2021


      Distinguished Professorship- Service

    • 2020


      Distinguisher Professorship- Scholarship

  • Intellectual Contributions
    • 2021

      "So You Want to be A CSI?"

    • 2019

      "Fingerprinting Different Food Surfaces at Crime Scenes"

    • 2016

      "A Comparison of Various Fixatives for Casting Footwear Impressions in Sand at Crime Scenes"

    • 2014

      "Rapid DNA Systems."

    • 2014

      "Liquid Latex as a Cleanup Step to Visualize Bloody Shoe Evidence at Fire Scenes"

    • 2009

      "Soot Removal from Fire Scenes and Attempted Fingerprint Development with Ninhydrin"

    • 2008

      "A Methodology Using Liquid Latex for Soot Removal From Fire Scenes, and Subsequent Fingerprint Development"