Transportation Fee Info

Parking Permits are now available with your transportation fee at no additional charge. Please go online today and order yours!

Students who take more than five credit hours are assessed a Transportation Fee for that term ($115 for the fall and spring semesters, $78 for summer). This fee will allow students to receive a parking permit on request (at no additional charge), and they will have unlimited access to the expanded shuttle service.

Parking permits are required for all campus parking lots and decks at all times. Order your permit today on-line and receive it prior to the start of fall semester.

Don’t qualify for a transportation fee? You may opt into the transportation fee by ordering your fall parking permit. The fee assessed will be $115

  1. Log into your YSU Portal.
  2. Select the student tab at the top of the page.
  3. Select Registration.
  4. Please select the current term that you need the permit for, hit submit.
  5. Select from the top of the page, Personal Info Tab.
  6. Select Purchase Parking Permit.
  7. Follow the prompts from there on selecting your vehicle etc.
  8. Students assessed a Transportation Fee will see a $0 charge for their permit. Student without a Transportation Fee will be opting into the Fee and see a $115 charge.

Once Registered for your parking permit you will see a temporary number come up.

Please Print this page!

This will work as a temporary permit for seven (7) days.

Your permit will be mailed to you two weeks prior to the start of the semester. All permits order after that will be mailed the next business day. Be sure your address is up to date in Banner as that is where your permit will be mailed.

The Transportation Fee is designed to provide safe and secure parking and transportation on the campus of YSU today and into the future. Transportation Fee dollars are used to:

  1. support and expand the Penguin Shuttle Service;
  2. provide a motorist assistance program on campus;
  3. keep our decks and lots clean, safe and secure;
  4. retire the bonds we took to renovate the M-60 parking deck and the construction of newer lots;
  5. keep our campus sidewalks clear of snow throughout the winter;
  6. maintain, update and replace when needed our current parking facilities.

Student Handicap Parking

All students who wish to utilize YSU handicap parking must bring their valid state handicap registration to parking services in order to receive a handicap sticker to be applied to their current semester parking permit. Anyone qualified for handicap parking will receive an access card for additional handicap parking on campus upon request. Student parking in handicap spaces must display their current handicap placard and their current semester permit with the handicap sticker in place. All handicap parking violation are $250.