How to Register for Your Parking Permit Online

Parking - It's all NEW, too!

Now you’ll purchase your parking permit directly from the Penguin Portal, under the Personal Information Tab, once you have registered for classes. In order to sign up for a parking permit, you need to know your license plate number and vehicle make and year. Although you can only purchase one permit, you may register more than one vehicle. Please note that buying a parking permit is no longer part of the registration process. For more information, please call Parking Services at 330-941-3546 or email them at

Step 1

To purchase a parking permit: i) login to the Penguin Portal, ii) select the Banner Self-Service link (i.e., e-Services channel), iii) click the Personal Information tab, iv) click the YSU Parking System link. (You must know your license plate number in order to request a permit.)

Step 2

Purchase a Parking Permit: Click Purchase a Parking Permit. Students can purchase one (1) permit per term and register two(2) different vehicles.

Step 3

Purchasing Parking Permits: Click Type of Permit to purchase. Then click Continue.

Step 4

Select a Vehicle: If a vehicle was already on file, use this section.
Add a Vehicle: If a vehicle is not on file or has changed, complete each box.

Step 5

Select a Vehicle: Click Select box for desired vehicle. Then click Purchase Permit.

Step 6

Temporary Permit: A confirmation page is displayed, you may choose to print this page.  Then click Banner Home. Note: you must pay your total permit fee on the touchnet screen to receive your permit in the mail.

Step 7

Temporary Permit: Click OK.

Step 8

Click on the X in order to close the browser window (i.e., in the upper right hand corner).