Campus Visitor

General Information

Visitor parking information is available by calling the Parking Office at (330) 941-3546. Information is also available at the F-1 Lot on Bryson Street, the F-80 Lot at the corner of the East Bound Service Road and Fifth Avenue and the M-90 lot located on Elm Street. Look for the brown Visitor Information signs located around campus to direct visitors to these areas.

Lots designated with a "V" contain parking meters. These meters are for short-term parking, a maximum of 30 minutes, and are designated for visitors to the campus. Vehicles parked in spaces with expired meters will be ticketed. After 6pm, these lots become available for use with a current YSU parking permit or money in the meter. Vehicles without parking permits parked at an expired meter will be ticketed.


YSU's Visitors

We welcome visitors to campus. Daily parking permits are available at the M-30 Deck located on Wick Avenue, the M-60 Deck located at the corner of Fifth and Lincoln Avenues, the M-70 at the corner of Fifth & Grant Avenue and the M-90 lot on Elm Street, for a nominal fee.



Prior arrangements for parking is recommended for events taking place on campus. To alleviate parking concerns before your event, please call the Parking Services Office to arrange for your parking needs. There is a nominal fee for parking, therefore carpooling is recommended.


Community Events (Workshops, Conferences)

Everyone parking on campus is required to display a parking permit. If prior parking arrangements have not been made for you, please contact Parking Services for information.


Athletic Events

Athletic Parking Information


Department Guests

Lot F-1 at the corner of University Plaza and Bryson Streets and F-55 on Rayen Avenue have a designated RESERVED parking area within the lots. These areas are available specifically for persons with parking reservations made by departments on campus. Faculty, staff, and students are not eligible to park in these areas. An attendant is usually on duty Monday through Saturday from 7:00 am to assist those who have questions.

Lot F-80, located on Fifth Avenue, also has several reserved spaces. The same situation applies, and an attendant is usually on duty in this area from 7:00 am Monday through Saturday.

University departments have the option of arranging parking for visitors, using departmental charge back codes (FOAP) as the authorization for the arrangements. Contact the Parking Services Office at (330) 941-3546 to make arrangements or fill out the on line form below.

There are two types of arrangements available:

  1. Guest Passes at either F-1, F-55 or F-80 (Limited Spaces)
  2. Guest Passes at other lots which can be issued at a specific location or mailed to your guest in advance.


Guest Permits

Guest permits are valid in 'M' lots and decks and in 'V' lots after 6p.m. Keep in mind, lots that have card access, controlled by the gates are not available for guest parking.

There are two options available for guest permits:

  1. Parking Services can distribute the passes to guests as they arrive at a specified location. This option is only available in attended, mixed parking lots, usually M-30, M-90, M-70.
  2. The other option is for departments to mail permits to their guests, allowing guests to arrive on campus with permit-in-hand.

Request online guest permits.