Innovation  Foundry

Forged in Education, Refined through Technology

May 16-18, 2018


Youngstown’s growth was built on the steel industry.  The advancements that came from Youngstown’s steel mills helped to create and build industry leading machinery, equipment, and processes used throughout the world.  That heritage is not lost as Youngstown State University anxiously awaits its opportunity to host the 2018 Ohio Higher Education Computing Council (OHECC) this Spring.

This year’s theme Innovation Foundry looks to celebrate higher education’s role in providing a place for students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to drive innovative processes, content delivery, and technology experiences for their campus.  While these concepts are produced in classrooms and departments they continually develop and become more effective and efficient as technology is integrated into the process.  Just like the blast furnace of the old mill would transform raw material into a structural backbone, those at work in Ohio’s Universities are tasked with transforming the raw concepts of higher education to an impactful solution for use on our campus, by our students and those entering the workforce.  It is through this forging and refining process we are able to produce cost effective, actionable solutions that drive a more successful and efficient student experience for universities across the state while maintain availability, reducing risk and delivering a unique and custom campus environment.

Please join us this May at Youngstown State as we continue ongoing efforts to work on collaborative endeavors, learn together, share experiences and refine processes for the advancement of our institutions.