Multicultural Services

The Center for Student Progress offers a variety of services to multicultural students. Besides offering academic support, we strive to collaborate with staff and faculty to address the issues multicultural students face on a predominately white campus. We also:

  • Coordinate and facilitate summer activities to link first-year multicultural students to support services and academic experiences
  • Make campus referrals and connections
  • Serves as an advocate to the University for multicultural students by providing intervention service
  • Provide faculty/staff mentoring
  • Coordinate and implement informational programs and activities that engage students, faculty and staff in the learning process of understanding cultural diversity
  • Co-sponsors cultural events such as Native American Expo, Black History Month and Hispanic Awareness Week

Are you a first year student? Find out more about our summer bridge program (that will have a link to the summer bridge page) and how you can prepare for the experiences you will face as a first year student.