Q&A from Counselor Day Presentation

CC+ Questions from YSU Counselor Day, December 5


Links for College Credit Plus and YSU’s CHS program are below. The deadline to submit public comments to OBOR is Monday December 15!

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Thank you to everyone who submitted questions. When possible, we combined like questions. Further questions can be directed to CHS@ysu.edu. We look forward to working with all of you next year!



Q: Must students reapply each year (currently no with SB140 and yes with CHS)?
A: Yes, this ensures that the student is meeting admission and placement criteria.

Q: If we offer CHS spring classes do we have to resend the transcript in the fall?
A: No. A complete application is due in May for both fall and spring classes in the coming year (we may push back to June to allow for final year end transcripts to be sent).

Q: If spring course, when is the last ACT test date?
Q: Does student need ACT by April 1?
A: For a student enrolling in fall classes, the April ACT is the last test date we can accept scores. For students enrolling in spring classes, September is the last test date(although a conversation with a counselor has us looking at the June date instead due to HS course schedule change deadlines; we will discuss more when we meet next).

Q: Is April 1 the date that students have to notify the HS of their intent to participate in CC+ a state imposed deadline?
A: CONFIRMED! The April 1 date is a state deadline. It is written in the state law, which is why it was not restated in the in the rules.

Q: Is the education plan a YSU requirement or law?
A: The education plan (EP) is a YSU requirement for students taking classes on campus. The EP tells YSU advisors what college courses (if any) the student NEEDS to fulfill HS graduation requirements.

Q: FYI –your “application day” (April -­ May, may conflict with mandated testing dates.
A: Thank you! We understand April ‐ May is not always the best time frame to do applications in some schools. The application process takes about 15 minutes for the student. We appreciate your willingness to fit us in whenever you can! We are more than happy to come in before or after school to work around the in-­school testing schedule.



Q: How does that work? Five credit classes need to be enrolled.
A: Please refer to the Guidelines for Student Athletic Eligibility sheet for School Counselors on OHSAA’s website. At the bottom of page one and top of page two, it shows the college course conversion equation to determine high school eligibility (including the student who is enrolled in only college courses). 



Q: What is the cost to the district? Per course? Per semester hour?
Q: Is the $40 -­ $160 flat fee per credit or overall cost?
A: YSU plans to adopt the State’s “default” tuition structure, which is based on the average ADM paid to high schools. Currently this is $40/c.h. for courses taught by high school instructors at the HS or online; $80/c.h. for courses taught by YSU faculty online (or in your building) and $160/c.h. for courses taught by YSU faculty on campus. The fee is inclusive of application and course fees. The school district is responsible for textbooks. YSU will continue to maintain the textbook agreement for courses taught on the HS campus, in which the district purchases books that can be used for 3‐5 years. We are also exploring lending programs in which books can be used and returned for use by another student during a different semester.

Q: For non-­public schools, is there a cost for students to participate in either program? Are there additional stipulations? You referred to an application for state funds for non-­publics. Could you please provide more information?
A: The tuition is the same for non-­publics. Please refer to draft rule 3333-­‐1-­‐65.8 for more information on how to apply for funding.



Q: Can an AP class be used as a dual enrollment class?
A: No. CC+ covers transcripted credit only – AP and IB programs are not included.

Q: Are the classes at the HS now only a semester long?
A: No, the rules do not address the timeframe or length for the course.

Q: Are we allowed to “pick”/select specific classes students can take? Like having intro to theater count for English? Will there be specifics to classes so we don’t have kids taking random classes?
A: No. If the student meets the admission and placement criteria, they may not be denied taking any course they want to take. Clearly explaining what subjects/classes the student NEEDS to take to fulfill HS graduation requirements, as well as how various classes fit into the student’s long term educational goals would be important parts of the mandatory HS counseling and college advising sessions.

Q: Clarify – only students enrolled in CHS can be in the course – no blended courses (kids taking for dual credit and kids taking for only HS credit)?
A: According to the draft rules, yes, this is correct. We are hoping that this changes and will update you as soon as we have the final rules.

Q: Can students take CHS courses at other high schools?
A: Yes, and we encourage you to explore such partnerships. For example: Lowellville and Struthers currently have a cost share agreement in place for Chemistry (at Struthers) and Math (at Lowellville).



Q: Are we required to keep students enrolled in the district when or if they complete all HS requirements because of the change in the HS unit to credit hour ratio?
A: Great question that we cannot answer. Please contact your ODE representative and let us know what you find out!



Q: We have to have our parent info meeting before we have our counselor info meeting?
Q: March 3 conflicts with new state testing – could another day be considered?
Q: Wouldn’t the March 3 meeting be better served prior to March 1 requirement of notification?
A: Great point! We initially scheduled the March 3 date on the premise that the “official rules” would be published in February. We will look at having an earlier date in February in case the rules are released early. If they are not, we will remain with March 3. Moving forward we will schedule our updates to coincide with YSU Counselor Day. Please see the answer in the Marketing section question for additional information.



Q: Is the March deadline for having an info session effective March 2015?
Q: March 1 is the deadline for even summer/fall term?
Q: I have my parent meeting scheduled for March 4 – is there a CC+ police? Is that a problem?
Q: We have to have our parent info night by 3/1 but our counselor info meeting is 3/3? So the info we give parents could be changed?
A: Clarification! The March 1 date is for schools to notify the students of the opportunity to participate, NOT the deadline for the information session. According to the draft rules, student notification can occur through the school website, written communication, at an assembly or via joint events with colleges. There are no deadlines associated with required annual information session. Example: You can notify the student/parent via a letter dated February 25 about the opportunity and invite them to attend an information session scheduled for March 16. We will not know if the March deadline is effective March 2015 until the final rules are released and published with an “effective” date. We do not know how the state plans on monitoring the program requirements.

Q: Was Trumbull ESC contacted for a county-­wide CCP night also?
A: The event mentioned is being planned by the Mahoning ESC, not YSU; however we are in the process of contacting other ESC’s to see if they would like to do something similar. Multiple district-wide events seem like a good way to maximize resources.



Q: Will CC+ students schedule last (after undergrads) as SB140 does now?
A: No. According to the draft rules, students will register according to their college rank. At YSU, seniors get to register first, then Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen last. They will no longer have to wait until the very end of registration. Student Eligibility & Enrollment

Q: If the student applies and is accepted, can they change their mind? Do only one semester and not the other in a school year?
A: Yes. There are deadlines for withdrawing if they have registered.

Q: Will there be an appeal process?
A: For students enrolled in HS based courses, if they are denied, an appeal will be considered. We are currently reviewing course requirements for campus based courses and will have more information to share in January.

Q: Does a 2.0 GPA and 17 ACT guarantee acceptance into the program?
A: Yes, at YSU, but acceptance into the program does not guarantee enrollment in every course. For some courses, students will need to meet placement scores and/or other course pre-­req’s.

Q: Is the HS able to set higher admission policies for CHS?
A: No. Eligibility is determined by the college admission and placement requirements.

Q: Do middle school students get high school credit for CHS courses?
A: Yes. 7th and 8th grade students would begin to generate a high school transcript showing which HS unit was completed by taking the college course

Q: Are freshman/sophomores exempt from the OGT/PARCC requirements for CHS?
Q: Passage of exams: what about 7-­9th graders who haven’t taken PARCC yet –is there a testing requirement for them?
Q: In middle school, what are the criteria: ACT 17, GPA 2.0? If they do not take the OGT’s...
A: YSU can waive the testing requirement. We could also substitute the OGT/PARCC requirement with another testing option that 7th-­8th graders take. We welcome any suggestions you have.



Q: Since the HS teachers are “considered” YSU faculty, are there any plans to compensate them through YSU? Right now many local districts have to negotiate stipends for CHS teachers because of the extra demands the coursework presents in addition to having to foot the bill for students in the program.
A: We deeply appreciate the work our CHS instructors do on behalf of their students. The CC+ law states that there may be no compensation or payments outside of the tuition arrangement.

Q: Do new teachers need 18 hours in order to apply?
A: The state law requires 18 hours in the content area but provides an avenue for those who are in the process of seeking credentials to apply. The Provost is ultimately responsible for ensuring the academic integrity of the coursework and credentials of the faculty. We encourage any instructor who wishes to teach in CHS to apply. If the answer is no, our departments will advise the instructor about what they need to do to qualify