CCP in Honors

CCP students who have a 3.5 overall high school GPA and either a 26 or higher ACT composite score, or SAT combined score of 1260 (1760 on SAT's taken prior to March 2017), are eligible to participate in the College Credit Plus in Honors program.

The Honors College is intended to foster interdisciplinary interaction, self-expression, experimentation, leadership and academic excellence, while serving as a tangible emblem of YSU’s commitment to education, teaching innovation and cultural enrichment. This program is for high school students taking courses at YSU. It provides an opportunity to expand your knowledge beyond what would be found in traditional courses.

The benefits of beginning in honors as a high school student include:

  • Learning with academically talented students taught by dynamic faculty
  • Developing a network of honors college students
  • Participating in optional service projects that will enhance your high school credentials
  • Acquiring honors courses to meet college honors program requirements once enrolled.

New CCP students who qualify are invited to attend an Honors College information session the morning of their CCP campus orientation session. Once you have formally accepted the opportunity to enroll in honors courses, we will update your student record to give you access to those courses.

Continuing CCP students who qualify, and have not taken honors courses before, should contact the CCP office at and request permission to enroll in honors courses. This step should be completed PRIOR to meeting with your academic advisor.

There are a limited number of honors sections. We cannot guarantee enrollment in an honors course that fits your schedule.

Interested in being a YSU Honors student after you graduate from HS? Please visit The Honors College website for more information on how to apply.