Welcome to Information Technology Maintenance Services (ITMS). ITMS provides efficient campus customer service in the operation, repairing, installing, servicing, upgrading, calibrating and performing preventive maintenance on all types of electronic equipment (e.g., computers, printers, plotters, monitors, terminals, networking, terminals, networking hardware, laboratory/office equipment, meters, oscilloscopes, etc). Trained ITMS technicians troubleshoot and resolve hardware or software problems and contact manufacturer representatives to resolve major system problems.

Technicians also install hardware and peripheral computer equipment, and repair minor and major problems. ITMS offers support of warranties for Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Apple/Mac equipment. In addition, they are available to prepare cost estimates of upgrading or replacing existing equipment and answer technical and non-technical questions from clients. With the assistance of our trained student workers, we collect and deliver equipment we serviced/repaired throughout the campus for our customers.

Customer service is tracked by the use of work orders (service requests), which ensures timely and accurate responses to all YSU Departments. A Work Order may be placed by calling the Tech Desk at 1595 and inform the worker of the nature of the problem.  Please give a contact person and a telephone number where he/she can be reached for further clarification.

ITMS has certified technicians for Apple, Dell and Hewlett-Packard equipment.  Any warranty work on your machines will be handled efficiently and quickly.

SURPLUS PROPERTY - According to the YSU Guidebook, disposal of University owned assets is the responsibility of Support Services.  When a department no longer needs equipment, it shall be released to the Office of Support Services by completing the appropriate section of the Inventory Control form.  The Office of Support Services will determine if the equipment is to be disposed of by selling, gifting or discarding.  Please contact the Office of Support Services with any questions regarding electronic equipment.