2019 Noel Levitz Survey Results

In the spring of 2019, the Office of Assessment fielded the Noel Levitz Satisfaction survey to Youngstown State University students. Two different survey versions were used as a part of the survey administration. The Student Satisfaction Survey (SSI) was administered to undergraduate students between the ages of 18 and 24. The Adult Student Priorities Survey (ASPS) was administered to undergraduate students age 25 and above, and graduate students of all ages. Many of the same items and scales occur on both surveys, and thus the results summary focuses on both surveys together. Survey data focuses on how satisfied students are with specific campus items and how important students view those items. With an overall response rate of 20%, 1,813 undergraduate students and 243 graduate students responded to the survey.

Overview Results


Next Steps & Opportunities for Engagement

  • LUNCH & LEARN: DATA CONVERSATIONS - These hour-long facilitated discussions will focus on specific data points and will provide the opportunity to dive deeper into topic areas and generate recommendations for practice. Sessions will be scheduled for the spring of 2020. 
  • PARTNERSHIP WITH STUDENT AFFAIRS & COLLEGE COUNSELING STUDENTS - In the spring of 2020, the Office of Assessment will be partnering (for the fourth year) with graduate students in the Student Affairs & College Counseling program to create continuous improvement research projects around specific challenge areas in the Noel Levitz data. Check back in the spring for the student presentation schedule.
  • REQUEST DATA AND/OR A PRESENTATION - Email ysuassessment@ysu.edu with any requests for further data, reports or presentations to your office/program/area.

Prior Years' Student Survey Data