The Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) was recommended and initiated by the Technology Master Plan of 2004.

 In general, the purpose of the ITAC is to add value to the Information Technology Services (ITS) division services by offering enterprise-level input on major strategic decisions and through coaching ITS on key business and technology leadership issues.

More specifically the ITAC shall receive review, prioritize, and make recommendations concerning Youngstown State University (YSU) Information Technology (IT) initiatives to ensure that:

  • IT initiatives align with the Board of Trustees approved strategic plans
  • Evaluate and recommend major software directions
  • The best value is secured to meet both business and ITS needs
  • Customer expectations for IT solutions are realistically set and met
  • Determines and consistently applies criteria for prioritizing and deciding on ITS investments across competing demands within the YSU community
  • Develops and maintains a forum for sharing responsibility and ownership of actions and end results surrounding ITS investments across colleges, divisions, offices and facilities
  • Reviews and approves significant resource, scope and/or schedule changes to ITS initiatives
  • Recommends regarding insourcing versus outsourcing of service(s) provision
  • Resolve issues or conflicts that, if unresolved, would jeopardize the successful completion of approved ITS initiatives
  • Encourage ITS initiatives that provide YSU with competitive advantages in attracting and retaining students, faculty, staff and external support
  • Recommend ITS services funding model(s) including on-going and scheduled replacement costs.


  • Chair – appointed jointly by Provost and VP-Finance & Business Operations from the previous year’s ITAC membership
  • Associate Vice President for Information Technology/CTO
  • Director of Cyberlearning
  • Two faculty representatives appointed by the Faculty Association President
  • One representative appointed by ACE President
  • One representative appointed by APAS President
  • One representative appointed by each Dean
  • One representative appointed by the Provost
  • One representative appointed by the Vice President of Finance & Business Operations
  • One representative appointed by the Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management
  • One representative appointed by the Associate Vice President of Student Experience
  • Non-voting representatives from units within ITS
  • Other non-voting representatives may be invited at the discretion of the Chair or CTO based on topics being discussed by the committee.

 All appointments are to be made each year, prior to Sept 1, to the CTO. Any appointments not made will leave that seat vacant until such time as the appointments are made.


The ITAC will convene at least twice per calendar year. The Chair may call ad hoc meetings upon written notice of no less than two (2) business days. Written notices may be in the form of email.


ITAC recommendations will be submitted to the Provost and VP-Finance & Business Operations for review and approval. At their discretion, other University executives may be included in the review and approval process.