Past Projects

Project Implementation

Homeless Continuum of Care: Coordinator: The Center for Human Services Development housed the Continuum of Care Coordinator position. This position was tasked with the coordination of all activities that were related to the Mahoning County Homeless Continuum of Care, including, but not limited to: preparing and submitting required Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) and HUD documentation, setting a course and direction of the Continuum of Care, planning and conducting events including the Point-In Time Count, providing Consolidated Plans, directing meetings, and providing information and communication for agencies  who support homeless and near homeless people and families in Mahoning County.

Homeless Continuum of Care: HMIS Coordination: The Center for Human Services Development provided data collection and maintenance for the Mahoning County Homeless Continuum of Care. Services included, but were not limited to, compliance of federal regulations, providing software training and technical assistance to community based users, development of reports, analyzing county-wide data and administration of annual project budget, and provide assistance in the submission of annual grant application to HUD.

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