Voluntary Separation

Employees who are voluntarily leaving the University should provide reasonable notice and indicate their resignation in writing to their immediate supervisor.

  • In advance of formally submitting a letter of resignation, it is advised that employees discuss their intent with their immediate supervisor.
  • Employees shall send a formal letter of resignation to their supervisor, with copies to the Provost or appropriate Vice President and the Office of Human Resources.
  • Classified Civil Service staff members are expected to provide a minimum two-week written notice of resignation / retirement to the Office of Human Resources.
  • Upon receipt of the letter of resignation, the Office of Human Resources will prepare the Record of Separation Form officially accepting the resignation / retirement and provide notice to the appropriate departments, units, and offices of the impending resignation.
  • The employee who is resigning should participate in an exit survey.
  • The Office of Human Resources will process all resignations and authorize any payment of vacation benefit applicable.
  • The final payroll check will be released approximately 30 days following the date of separation pending audits, the clearance of all applicable offices, and the return of all University property.

Here is a summary of benefits for employees who have separated from employment:

  • Health Insurance (If applicable): Health insurance (including medical, dental, prescription and vision) will end the last day of the month of your separation from employment.   You and/or your family will be eligible to continue coverage under COBRA and will be receiving important documentation in the mail from our third party administrators, Chard Snyder.  The packet of information will include cost and coverage options along with where and when to submit payments.  You will only have 60 days to respond with your coverage election in order to enroll in your elections.
  • Life and Accidental Death Insurance: Group life and accidental death insurance provided by the University and any supplemental insurance will end on the date you separate employment. You have the option to convert the group coverage and any elected coverages to an individual policy within 31 days.  Contact Securian customer service to discuss options available. 1-800-392-7295
  • Voluntary Long Term Care Insurance: Coverage may continue by paying the premiums directly to the carrier, Genworth. For more information please call Genworth at 1-800-416-3624 and/or John Hancock at 1-888-524-6168.
  • Voluntary Long Term Disability (LTD):  Voluntary LTD coverage ends on your separation date.
  • Flexible Spending Account: Claims may be submitted for services incurred while employed at YSU and 90 days from the date of your separation from the University.   Any unused balance in the account is forfeited.  Any amount used in the account that was not funded by the employee is a liability to the University and the employee is not responsible for repayment.
  • Health Savings Account: Any contributions to your account will end with your last payroll deduction. The account is portable and you have full ownership of your account.
  • Voluntary 403(b) and/or 457(b):  Contact your carrier and discuss any options they may have available including rollovers, withdrawals or maintaining balances within the account. Withdrawals may be subject to federal taxation and early withdrawals may be subject to penalties.  
  • STRS and/or OPERS Accounts: Contact the applicable customer service department to discuss your options.  OPERS:  1-866-673-7748 or STRS:  1-888-227-7877.
  • Alternative Retirement Plan Accounts:  Contact your carrier and discuss options available which may include rollovers/transfers, withdrawals or maintaining balances within the account.
  • Tuition Remission: You and/or your dependents (if enrolled) may remain enrolled through the end of the semester in which you separate employment with the University without any financial obligation. Only retirees will remain eligible for tuition remission.
  • Accrued Vacation Leave: Accrued and unused vacation hours will be paid according to the respective union contract or University policy.  Allow 4-6 weeks for the final payment to be processed. Final payment will be processed by our payroll department which is located in Jones Hall. You may contact them directly at 330-941-2355. Retirees may be eligible for a sick leave conversion.

Supervisor Responsibilities

The employee's supervising authority is responsible for completing the Exit Separation/Transfer Checklist prior to the employee's last day of employment due to transfer or separation of employment. This form will assist with insuring any outstanding university-related items have been returned or processed.