Diversity Education

We are working to maintain an inclusive environment where all contributors are valued.  It is important to understand the perspective of others to be an effective communicator in the work environment. Empathizing with others and having appropriate interactions are positive steps to achieve our common goals.  

"Culture of Community is the shared set of values and expectations that influence how we interact and collaborate with one another to achieve common goals at Youngstown State University." ​- Culture of Community

"As people interact with one another, they develop and exchange a diverse set of identities. These identities, including among others, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, religion, varying physical and mental abilities, class, age, education, profession, and regional identity carry socially constructed meaning and value. Each of us brings multiple identities to the organizations and communities of which we are a part, forming a mosaic that allow us to retain our individuality while contributing to collective purposes and achievements." - Diversity at YSU

These learning modules are presented by LawRoom through their online learning management portal.


Diversity: Inclusion in the Modern Workplace

Employees will examine identity, power, privilege and communication strategies to promote inclusivity and respect in the workplace.

Audience: All employees     Duration: 30 - 45 minutes


Managing Bias

Understanding bias in the workplace is the first step to managing it.  Biases can affect our actions, which can have real impacts on people.  If left unchecked, biases can create unhealthy work environments that reinforce unjust practices.  This course defines bias, describes how it affects our workplace and how we can reduce it.  It encourages learners to use that knowledge to reduce the negative effects of bias. 

Audience: All employees   Duration: 20 minutes


Diversity: Skills for Collaboration

As the world around us is changing and getting more complex, so is the workplace. It's an increasingly diverse workforce.  Since people, in general, are not comfortable with change or the unfamiliar, employees must learn to collaborate with those who are both like and unlike themselves for maximum individual productivity and organization effectiveness.

Audience: All employees   Duration: 1.0 hour