Shona Macdonald Exhibition- Flash of Light Illumines a Dark Landscape

Shona Macdonald's Exhibition, Flash of Light Illumines a Dark Landscape, will be on display September 5 – November 4 at the John J. McDonough Museum of Art with an opening reception taking place on Friday, September 8. Of her work in Flash of Light Illumines a Dark Landscape Macdonald states, The works I am exhibiting at the McDonough...were developed over the past five years. Based on many sources, including tents, gardening tarps, shrouds, as well as robes and drapes from art history, these drawings portray the intimacy of protection through covering. I am drawn to the tent and gardening images because they typically are used to shield humans and plants from the elements, offering protective ‘skins.’ These ‘ground coverings’ convey our creative use of draping to encourage the cycle of life, both growth and dying.


Free and open to the public


Parking is available in the M30 Wick Deck for a nominal fee