Evaluator Malfunction

If you are trapped in a stalled elevator initiate the following:

  • If the elevator is equipped with an emergency phone, pick it up and you will be connected to YSU Police who will dispatch a maintenance person to the area to assist.
  • If no phone is present in the elevator press the RED EMERGENCY button and let it ring until you hear someone respond to the alarm.
  • In most instances individuals confined in elevators are assisted within 15 minutes.
  • Remember you cannot suffocate in a stalled elevator nor will the elevator fall to the bottom.

If you hear an emergency alarm ring in an elevator do the following:

  • Go to the elevator door on the floor that you are on and  shout to the individual that is confined in the elevator to assure them that you have heard the alarm and are going to dispatch help for them.
  • From 7:30am to 5pm call Facilities Maintenance at ext. 3232. After 5pm call YSU Police at ext. 3527.
  • Report the problem by giving the name of the building and the location of the elevator (Example: north end of building, second floor).
  • Go back to the door of the elevator and reassure the person in the elevator that help is on the way.