Tuition and Fees

F-1 students must show proof of financial resources available for either an Academic year (four 8-week sessions) or Calendar year (four-week sessions plus one 8-week Summer Session) of study. 

Students wishing to attend a summer session only must show proof of resources for the 8 weeks of study.

  • Full-time (20 hours per week) or part-time study available
  • Estimated Expenses (All fees are subject to change)  
  • If you need an F1 Student Visa, you must show that you are able to pay for your educational and living expenses for at least one academic year of study ($21,496) estimated)
  • Below are charts to determine how much you should verify that you are able to provide for each term of study. *NOTE F1 students must also show proof of finances for each dependent ($7500/academic year for a spouse, $5000/academic year for each child).
ESL Tuition and Fees
ESL Tuition & Costs 8-Week term 16-week term academic year calendar year
Tuition (Full-Time) $2,730 $5,460 $10,920 $13,650
Health Insurance $590 $590 $1,423 $1,423
Books (Estimated per semester) $250 $250 $250 $250
Room + Board $2,550 $5,100 $10,200 $12,750
Total $6,120 $11,400 $22,793 $28,073

*International Student Health Insurance is mandatory for students with F and J visas. YSU has contracted with a major insurance carrier to provide students with broad coverage for a reasonable cost.

Part-time Studies/Individual Course Fees

Available to U.S. Permanent Residents, U.S. Citizens, and those with Nonimmigrant Status Other Than F-1 and J-1.

Individual Course Fees
Grammar $546
Reading $546
Writing $546
Listening $546
Speaking $546

Refund Policy: If a student choses to withdraw from ELI classes, he/she must do so no later than one week after the start of classes in order to withdraw and receive a refund or reduction in charges for the term.