Mike Hripko, Associate Vice President for External Affairs, Government Relations, and Economic Development, has previously served as Deputy Director of Workforce and Educational Outreach at America Makes. In this role, he was responsible for developing and coalescing a national workforce and education strategy in additive manufacturing. Prior to working for America Makes, he served as Director for Research and Technology-Based Economic Development for the Youngstown State University College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Here he provided support for several industry, government, and academic collaborations resulting in new and expanded programs, technology-based research, and regional economic development. Hripko also served for 31 years at Delphi Packard Electric Systems, where he established and maintained a pricing strategy for a $1 billion global business. He holds a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Dayton, an M.S. in Industrial Engineering (Operations Research) from the University of Iowa, and an M.B.A. from Kent State University. He may be reached via phone at (330) 941-3092 or by email at

Dr. Frank Akpadock, Senior Research Associate, earned a BA degree in Geology and a Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) from California State University Fresno, California, a second Master’s degree in Urban Studies with a major in Regional Science from Portland State University, and a PhD from Texas A&M, with emphasis in Regional Science.  He joined Youngstown State University’s Center for Urban Studies in 1991, and specializes in Economic Development Planning, Industrial Analysis and Modeling, and Population forecasting.  Dr. Akpadock has published over 40 technical research papers associated with industrial, urban, and strategic regional economic development planning.  His research on Legacy Central City Best Practices was instrumental in the development of the Youngstown 2010 Land Use Plan.  Dr. Akpadock’s technical research work, “Impact of Pension and Health Care reductions on Salaried Retirees of Delphi Electric Packard Electric Company," was presented to the members of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services.  His other publications include articles in national peer reviewed journals, a book chapter, and also a book titled City in Transition: Strategies for Economic Regeneration of Inner-City Communities, The Case of Youngstown, which was published in 2012 by Friesen Press, Canada.  He may be reached via phone at (330) 941-1406 or by email at

John D. Bralich, CPD, Senior GIS Manager, Data Services Manager, has worked at YSU since 2001.  He received his B.A. in Geography and M.A. in American Studies at YSU.  John, in addition to managing research projects and the GIS Mapping and Data Center, and providing technical assistance to the University and a myriad of local government and social service entities, has provided GIS mapping and demographic analysis for numerous major projects, including the Youngstown 2010 Future Land Use Plan, development of the city of Youngstown’s rental registration program, neighborhood revitalization and watershed action plans, updating of the city of Youngstown’s code enforcement and demolitions process, and mass transportation projects throughout Ohio and Michigan.  He has participated in and provided mapping for numerous vacant property surveys in the city of Youngstown.  He developed a plan to establish a wetland mitigation bank on the east side of the city of Youngstown, and serves as the YSU Research Team lead on an Innovations in Community Based Crime Reduction Implementation Grant through the U.S. Department of Justice, which is a collaborative between Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation, Youngstown Police Department, and YSU, and aims to reduce crime and improve neighborhoods in a targeted area on the south side of the city of Youngstown.  He also developed and maintains the Real Property Information System, an online interactive map that contains a comprehensive collection of real property data in Youngstown, Ohio.  John holds a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Professional Designation (CPD) through the National Institute of Crime Prevention.  He may be reached via phone at (330) 941-2302 or by email at

Dominic C. Marchionda, EDFP, Associate Director, is certified through the National Development Council as an Economic Development Finance Professional.  In his role, Dominic is responsible for the University's consistent achievement of its mission and objectives related to community and economic impact.  In this capacity, Dominic facilitates partnerships between public, private, and non-profit actions to achieve collective impact and resource alignment to bolster the economic competitiveness of the Mahoning Valley.   

Dominic serves an advisor to YSUscape, a student group aimed for fighting blight at the doorstep of their campus.  Dominic serves as a board member for the McDonough Museum of Art and the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation.  He lives in Downtown Youngstown with his dog Gracie, enjoys Youngstown’s food, kayaking, parks, art museums, urban safari’s, and resiliency. He can be reached via phone at (330) 941-2498 or by email at

Dinah McCamon, Administrative Assistant, has been with YSU for 13 years, and has worked in the Bursar’s office, Human Resources, and Metro College.  She previously spent over 24 years at the DeBartolo Corporation in the legal and word processing departments.  Dinah provides crucial administrative support for the entire team.  She can be reached via phone at (330) 941-1524 or by email at

Rachel McCartney, Economic Development Analyst, holds an M.A. in Urban Planning, Design and Development and B.S.S in Environmental Studies and Sociology.  Most recently she was the Principal Investigator (PI) for the City of Youngstown/YSU Economic Development Strategic Plan, and previously was the PI for the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for Mahoning, Trumbull, and Columbiana Counties from 2010-2014 at Eastgate Regional Council of Governments, where she was the Community Development Program Manager.  She has experience in Environmental and Sustainability planning, earned a LEED Green Associate certification in 2010, and has participated in planning efforts ranging from brownfield redevelopment to watershed and wetland protection projects, and also has grant review and/or management experience with Ohio’s Job Ready Sites, the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund, and regional EDA projects.  She can be reached via phone at (330) 941-4700 and by email at

EAGRED Student Assistants

YSU EAGRED actively works to develop the next generation of community leaders through active and strongly supported student assistantship, internship and service learning programs. EAGRED has established strong relationships with the YSU Colleges and Departments to identify students who are interested in community development and organizing, and employs both undergraduate and graduate students, who assist EAGRED’s professional staff on various community projects.