YSTAR Scholar's Program

Achievement Rewarded

The YSTAR Summer Academic Institute program will provide me with an opportunity to:

• Develop intellectual, interpersonal, technological, and academic skills

• Develop critical thinking skills, study skills, & knowledge of academic resources available on campus

• Identify & create an academic plan

• Get acclimated with the surrounding community of the university

• Find strength in differences & self-discovery

• Have a social network support system which will encourage each member to do the best they can in all they attempt.

• Have a faculty/staff member as a Mentor that I will meet with me on a weekly basis throughout my first year in college.

• Listen without passing judgment and build an awareness and understand the importance of diversity, equity, & inclusion on and off-campus

• Introduced to some student organization(s) and volunteer work on campus.

• Be involved with a group of peers whose goal is earning their college degree in whatever field of study they have chosen.

• Be a part of a group of people who will support me in this endeavor until I have achieved my goal of graduating with a degree.