Culture of Community


The culture of Community is the shared set of values and expectations that influence how we interact and collaborate with one another to achieve common goals at Youngstown State University.


We desire that Youngstown State University:

  • Reflect the diverse population of the Mahoning Valley and the nation with respect to students, faculty, support staff and administration that transcend educational, economic, and social barriers.
  • Envision a multicultural university and community that understand what is necessary to achieve this goal and appreciates why such a goal is critical as we become more inclusive of all people.

The Culture of Community RISE Committees

The Culture of Community RISE Committees is to serve as a resource on a full range of diversity matters with the intent of creating a healthy Culture of Community that will: 

  • Increase the diversity of the University.
  • Address barriers to a culture of support for diversity and inclusion. 
  • Capitalize on opportunities that are present. 
  • Stimulate movement toward the achievement of the vision that can position Youngstown State University as one of the leaders of diversity and inclusive excellence for our city, state, and nation. 

Statement of Purpose

Youngstown State University strives to achieve a welcoming, safe, equitable, and inclusive campus climate for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors to learn and work together in alignment with the University’s mission and policies.  Our campus community is enriched by the presence of people of different abilities, ages, colors, creeds, cultures, races, ethnicities, gender identities, gender expressions, political views, religious, spiritual, and philosophical beliefs, sexual orientations, socioeconomic statuses, educational backgrounds, and veteran statuses. 

Respect and Well-Being

Helps us to understand that as a community we must promote and nurture mutual respect for each other and work to develop a campus community where everyone feels safe and secure. When personal boundaries are respected and conflict resolution skills are developed, the community benefits by creating an environment free of criminal behavior and internal threats.

Inclusion and Awareness

Helps us understand that we all benefit from the unique strengths and perspectives of others and to appreciate the diversity among us for a just and equitable society. Understanding one another will help us overcome and prevent societal divisions.

Spirit and Tradition

Helps us understand the past, while learning that our present and future contributions to the community create history for future generations. Therefore, campus participation and Penguin Pride are essential to building a pride-filled community.

Excellence through Engagement

Helps us understand that we must learn to celebrate each other’s accomplishments that create a spirit of excellence and healthy competition among all social groups. It leads to an understanding that true success is better shared; therefore, collaboration and partnerships with other individuals or groups is imperative to the progress of the entire community.


Culture of Community Initiative

Mr. James Tressel, President, YSU

Associate Vice President for Multicultural Affairs

  • AVP serves as administrative liaison and coordinates the Culture of Community Council, which is advisory to the President.



Culture of Community Events

Culture of Community PowerPoint**

CoC Rise Annual Report 2017-2018*