Respect and Well-Being Committee (RWC)



Youngstown State University strives to achieve a welcoming, safe, equitable and inclusive campus climate for all students, faculty, staff and visitors to learn and work together in alignment with the University’s mission and policies.  Our campus community is enriched by the presence of people of different abilities, ages, colors, creeds, cultures, races, ethnicities, gender identities, gender expressions, political views, religious, spiritual, and philosophical beliefs, sexual orientations, socioeconomic statuses, educational backgrounds and veteran statuses. 

Respect and Well-Being helps us to understand that as a community we must promote and nurture mutual respect for each other and work to develop a campus community where everyone feels safe and secure. When personal boundaries are respected and conflict resolution skills are developed, the community benefits creating an environment free of criminal behavior and internal threats.

The Respect and Well-Being Committee (RWC) is formed to:

  • Partner with campus and community resources to further enhance, promote and develop an environment of mutual respect and well-being.
  • Educate the public in practices that advance and support safety and security for all in a diverse community.
  • Be a voice in identifying situations leading to the breakdown of respect that may compromise the well-being and safety for all.   



Respect & Well Being Committee Members


Johanna Slivinske, Chair

May Samad, Secretary

Madonna Pinkard-Chism, Co-Secretary


Kelly Beers, Associate Director

Student Conduct, Student Experience


Jane Beese, Associate Professor

Counseling, School Psychology and Educational Leadership, BCOE


Joy Polkabla Byers, Director

Andrews Student Recreation Center


Madonna Chism-Pinkard, PT Faculty,

Community & Relations Director, WFMJ


Carrie Clyde, Coordinator

 Health & Wellness, Human Resources


Kenneth Donaldson, Pastor (Community)  

Rising Star Baptist Church, Youngstown


Pam Heggins, Counselor, Girard School

PT Faculty, Counseling, School Psychology and Educational Leadership, BCOE


Ann Jaronksi, Director 

Student Counseling


Amirah Mufleh, Student


Kim Pleva, Instructor

Management, WCBA


Amanda Roby, Assistant Professor

Health Professions, HHS


May Samad (Community)

East High School, Youngstown


Johanna Slivinske, PT Faculty, Social Work,

Academic Encourager, Student Success


Abel Gitimu Waithaka, Assistant Professor

Human Ecology, HHS & Teacher Ed, BCOE


Gary Walker, Professor/Chair

Biological Sciences