Penguin Ally Collective

Penguin Ally Collective

Penguin Ally Collective (PAC) is a network for students of color who plan to be among the first in their families to achieve a bachelor's degree. At YSU we understand that being first is a source of great pride and can come with some challenges. Sometimes it’s hard to know all that’s expected of you as a college student. It takes time to make new friends and build confidence. It may be hard to ask for help – even if every freshman needs it at some point!

As a member of PAC, you will have a faculty or staff Ally who can help you learn about YSU and feel at home. You will also be part of an Ally Circle, a small group of students in PAC who share similar interests, led by Allies and upper-division students. Circles meet monthly to build friendships, have fun, and enjoy workshops and activities.

Who is eligible for PAC?

Any new freshman student of color who plans to be among the first in their families to achieve a bachelor's eligible for the program. But space is limited so apply today!

What are the benefits of PAC?

  • As a PAC member, you are part of a supportive network of Allies and fellow students right from the start.
  • Allies share practical advice to help you get in the know about YSU.
  • Allies provide encouragement and support to help you build the confidence you need to meet challenges, take risks and achieve success.
  • Ally Circles give you the opportunity to make friends and learn from the experiences of other students.
  • Workshops and activities expose you to diverse perspectives and experiences.

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