Navarro Executive Fellows Program

What is the Navarro Executive Fellows Program?

The Navarro Executive Fellows (NEF) is a mentoring-work experience program matching incoming freshmen students of color with Youngstown State University’s Executive/Administrative Leadership

NEF is designed to:

  • Mentor;
  • Motivate through employment;
  • Encourage campus engagement;
  • Foster leadership;
  • Increase retention and persistence;
  • Enhance academic success and personal growth;
  • Assist with career development;
  • Integrate work experience with classroom learning;
  • increase diversity on campus;

A cohort of incoming freshmen will be chosen as Fellows each academic year and will be matched with YSU’s Executive/Administrative Leadership. The program will run fall and spring semesters.

Fellows cannot work full time at any other job and must be willing to participate in supportive programs and services offered by YSU. They must be US citizens and have a minimum high school GPA of 2.5.

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