MHHS - Faculty

Program Director

Photo of Dr. Joseph Lyons, Program Director.

     Joseph Lyons
​     1086 Cushwa Hall
​     330-941-3658


Faculty Research Interests

  • Joseph P. Lyons, ScD, Assistant Professor of Health Professions: Health Informatics, Voice Recognition, Electronic Medical Records
  • John M. Hazy, PhD, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice: Violence Prevention, Community Health, Methodology
  • Salvatore Sanders, PhD, Associate Professor of Health Professions: Health Behavior, Health Education, Technology/Instructional Technology

Faculty and Courses Taught

  • John M. Hazy, PhD: Research and Statistics, Thesis
  • Salvatore Sanders, PhD: Health Behavior, Thesis
  • Ronald Chordas PhD: Planning and Fiscal Management, Foundations and Planning
  • Nicholas Cascarelli, MHHS: Community Health Practice, Implementation and Evaluation
  • Daniel Cesene, MHHS: Long-term Health Care Administration, Research Seminar
  • Joseph P. Lyons, ScD: Health Informatics, Health Services Issues, Health Care Reform, Internship Practicum, Thesis, Program Planning and Evaluation, Research Seminar
  • Marias Sliwinski, BSN, MHHS: Clinical Informatics